Arnold Schwarzenegger chose person far ahead of political leaders in terms of foreign leaders

Arnold Schwarzenegger élu homme de la situation en cas d’invasion extraterrestre, loin devant les leaders politiques

The actor reacted saying that he was very honored by such a difference. Here is the complete ranking.

If the British faced any foreign invasion, they would have trusted actors more than politicians. This is what some infrequent surveys published across the channel reveal and has been done on a panel of 2,000 people. The latter were responsible for listing the 20 best individuals capable of handling such a situation and in the lead, we find “Terminator” and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Other actors are then overtaken by some political leaders.

Governor ready to attack

In second place, we see Will Smith, certainly because of his roles in “Men in Black” and “Independence Day”. Then scientist David Attenborough, known for his ecological commitment, Bruce Willis, responsible for saving the Earth from aliens, is based on the film “Cosmic Sin”, which will be released soon, and Tom Cruise, perhaps “The War” In memory of his role in world “.

The first political figure chosen by the respondents is … Donald Trump, placed eighth. Small disappointment for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, beaten by 10th and Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon, 10th. The American Democrats reach the climax to earn 19th place for Kamala Harris and 20th out of the game, acquired by Joe Biden.

For his part Arnold Schwarzenegger praised the British public for his vote. Humorously, he said on Twitter: I want to thank those who have placed their trust in me. I’m ready to serve “. A spokesman for the BLAZE television channel, which conducted the voting, also approved this option: Arnold Schwarzenegger is a great choice to deal with an alien invasion, knowing that he is not only the hero of action films, but also serves as the Governor of California. »« However, it is worrying that many celebrities with imaginary foreign experience are seen by better candidates than our current world leaders. “She accepted.

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Here is the complete ranking from the survey:

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger

2. Will Smith

3. Sir David Attenborough

4. Bruce Willis

5. Tom Cruise

6. Harrison Ford

7. Sigourney Weaver

8. Donald Trump

9. Gillian Anderson

10. Nikola Sturgeon

11. Chris Pratt

12. Boris Johnson

13. Pearce Morgan

14. William Shatner

15. Simon Pegg

16. Tommy Lee Jones

17. David Duchovny

18. Mel Gibson

19. Kamala Harris

20. Joe Biden


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