Artists call for welcoming Scotland to independence from EU

Artists call on the European Union to welcome Scotland in the matter of independence

(London) Scottish author Val McDiarmid on Tuesday called on the European Union to “early” welcome Scotland if the British nation chooses independence, joining calls for some 200 European artists, including musician Brian Eno, and the British Happened.

In all, around 200 cultural figures in the UK and Europe signed an open letter last week asking EU leaders to return to the bloc if Scotland votes in a referendum on independence. Go.

He called on the EU to make a “unilateral and open offer of membership” to Scotland ahead of any independence referendum.

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Composer Brian Eno.

Scotland strongly opposed independence in a self-determination referendum in 2014. But supporters of a new vote say Brexit, which Scots opposed by 62%, was a game-changer.

Pro-independence Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has thus promised to hold a new consultation if her party, the SNP, wins Thursday’s elections to renew the Scottish Parliament. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson strongly opposes this.

“We hope to become a free nation,” said mystery writer Val McDermid, me Sturgeon said in a virtual press conference that he hoped Scotland could join the EU again “as quickly and easily as possible”.

An independent Scotland will not meet the criteria for joining the EU immediately, and the accession process is usually very lengthy.

“Scotland must have an EU accession process […] Recognize Scotland’s unique situation,” said author Anthony Barnett, one of the figures behind the OpenDemocracy political website.

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