At Clapperday, 3 students collect periodic protection

At Clapperday, 3 students collect periodic protection

Almost everywhere in the world, people are not mobilizing against the insecurity of menstruation. In Scotland, hygiene products are now independent. France is also working on this issue. In Switzerland, the initiatives are mainly local at the moment. At Clapperday College, three students organized a collection of towels and tampons to provide at the establishment.

The morning break has just started. The trio of Erwin, Angèle and Caroline are in the opening block, at their stand. Today, it is a collection of hygiene products. An idea by Angel Steiner after working as Mattoo on the taboo of menstruation.

I hope we get lots of towels“The woman said, to add more”But also that the boys will be included to show that we are all together!“. Unite around the rules. One might say, is not an easy task … and yet, Irwin Hemmerley says that he touched on Engel’s initiative to participate in the fundraising organization.”

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This morning some boys were equipped. Others choose to participate financially in fundraising. A pleasant surprise for our trio.

The purpose of this collection is not to end the prohibition of rules, but to fight against the insecurity of menstruation. A concrete initiative, the result of which will be made available to the students later in the establishment. “In the toilets we will put wooden boxes for periodic protection by students and teachers. The idea is to take it when you need it, but to create a kind of solidarity chain, to keep it back from time to time.“, Explains Caroline Grosse, member of the organizing trio.

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Over a period of twenty minutes this morning, several packets of pads and tampons were donated, but also money. Enough to provide long-term periodic protection.

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