Attack on Titan director MAPPA’s biggest difference from HAPI studio

Attack on Titan director MAPPA's biggest difference from HAPI studio

Attack On TitanThe new director opened up about the differences between the studio MAPPA and the former production studio, WIT Studios, behind the anime series. Attack on TitanThe fourth and final season is almost here, and fans are wondering how the final outing with the new studio behind the series has shaped. Announced earlier this year, MAPPA officially took the reins for the final outing of the anime franchise. While fans had some concerns about the huge studio shift, the staff behind the series is doing its best to allay concerns that could lead to its big premiere.

Shuhei Yabuta, for 3D Animation Director Attack on TitanWhat’s different from WIT Studios in the final season, during a recent showcase MAPPA held to showcase their current and upcoming projects, (H / t @AttackOnFans on Twitter), “WIT Studio is more like a traditional production studio. I don’t mean it badly, I mean making details of plans and production,” Yabuta said.

In more detail Yabuta sheds light on how MAPPA is well suited for the series’ final anime outing despite the shift, “They act step by step and strive according to action. While MAPPPA is more flexible and convenient depending on the studio situation. It can be silly at any time, we will always find an effective way to achieve the desired results. “

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Director Yuichiro Hayashi, however, explained the initial struggles to acquire the anime for such a large franchise, saying, “The change in the studio came as a surprise as WIT Studios has been working on the project for many years, and now we have Which can be very stressful to start with. However, MAPPA Studios has put all its efforts into this project. “

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How fans will be able to see Attack on Titan ‘The fourth and final season will be rocked with the launch of Cranchyrol and Funimation in Japan on December 4th as well as the series. The final season is described as, “It’s been four years since the Scout Regiment reached shore, and now the world looks different. Things are heating up as the fate of the Scout Regiment અને and the people of Paradise માં is finally decided. Is. With age-old tensions between the Marleans and the Aldians, will it reappear before all the war results in a war? “

So how do you feel about shifting to the studio Attack on TitanThe final season? Will you come to the premiere to see how it goes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can contact me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff ડે Valdezology on Twitter!


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