‘Back to the Future’ star Elsa Rao played the lead role

Elsa Raven, best known for her role in the movie Back to the future, Died at the age of 91, USA Today Nov. Report. 5. Confirmation was received from Raven’s agent, David Saul, who was nine from Raven’s family. Back to the future Events including the 2019 opening of an exhibition at the Hollywood Museum. It only appears in one scene, but it makes the whole movie possible.

A scene from Elsa Raven in ‘Back to the Future’

Raven plays the role of Clocktower Lady. In 1985, the current day when they hit Back to the future, She is collecting donations for the maintenance of the Clock Tower in Hill Valley Town Square. The clock stopped at 10:04 a.m. due to a lightning strike in 1955.

Elsa Raven | Angela Weiss / Getty Images

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The Clock Tower Lady stops Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) from asking his girlfriend Jennifer (Claudia Wells) for a kiss. He tells Martin the whole story and gives him a flyer, which will become important later. Marty gives him a quarter to go away.

Elsa Raven got Marty ‘Back to the Future’

Marty finds himself building a time machine outside of Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) de Loren in 1955. Doc steals some plutonium to power the time machine, and the terrorists who stole from him came after him. They shoot Doc, but Marty escapes to De Loren in 1955.

Back to the Future Exhibition
LR: Charles Fleischer, Ricky Dean Logan, Donnelly Dadigan, Elsa Raven, Bob Gale, Don Fulilov and Darlene Vogel | Michael Tulberg / Getty Images

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Marty 1955 seeks the help of Doc, but that time will take 1.21 gigawatts to power the machine again, and he doesn’t have plutonium. Luckily, Marty kept the flyer with the date of the lightning storm striking the clock tower. The electricity generates 1.21 gigawatts, so the dock diagram gives the way the electricity is pumped into the time machine at 10:04 pm on November 12, 1955. Without the flyer and the clock tower lady’s speech, Marty would have been stuck in the past.

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Michael J. Fox remembers Elsa Raven

USA Today also reached out to Fox for comment on Raven. Fox was delighted to see Raven Back to the future Conventions, where he can bring the Save Clock Tower collection and copies of the flyer from the movie.

Return to Future Johnny B. Goode
Michael J. On the fox guitar | Sunset Boulevard / Corbis by Getty Images

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“It took me a long time to get to any of them Back to the future Fox told USA Today, conventions or comedy-conventions, and he was there when I finally left. “She was very happy to see him, and she walked through the crowd and said, ‘Save the clock tower! Save the clock tower! ‘”

Elsa Raven after ‘Back to the Future’

Raven’s first credit was in 1963 General Hospital And Fight! It will continue to host TV guest locations, including one on Fox’s Sitcom Family relations, Until the 2008 episode E / R. She had 77 film and television credits.

LR: Claudia Wells and Elsa Raven | Angela Weiss / Getty Images

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In addition Back to the future, Raven’s film credits are included Titanic, In which she played real-life crash victim Ida Strauss. She played owned by John Malkovich In the fire line, Inside Dick Baldozi’s wife Fatso And a realtor who sells to Lutz Amityville Horror Home.


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