Badminton: TVR upset over defeat, happy to join

Badminton: TVR upset over defeat, happy to join

TV Refrath’s Bundesliga team suffered two defeats. The two newcomers presented themselves in great form. The second team scored, the third only achieved a draw.

TV Refrath started two away games at Beuel and Wiperfeld without the four World Cup drivers Roth, Volcker, Hess and Spori, but with two international newcomers. In the end, you got only one point, which at first glance seems very small.

In fact, a narrow victory was long in the air during Saturday’s 3:4 loss at Buell, but without winning the men’s singles (David Kim and Brian Holtschke) and with three substitutes on the women’s side, you finally had to Admit defeat

+ performance +

The two men’s doubles Adam Hall/David Kim and Rafael Beck/Max Schwenger initially won their games. But league team substitute duo Janice Kaulitzki/Lucie Wagner remained without a set win that evening, as did Ella Diehl in women’s singles.

At the end of the encounter, it was positive that Diehl was able to mix and thus had a point in favor of newcomer Adam Hall with a great attitude.

Two newcomers Hall (Sc) and Kim (Denmark) were in great shape on Sunday and you can clearly feel how comfortable they are in their new team. Heinz Kelzenberg: “Both have fitted very well and have human benefits for our team”.

Unfortunately, his outstanding performance in the first men’s doubles was not rewarded after a 7:3 lead in the deciding set and it was quickly 0:3, before Iya Gordeeva and David Kim showed particularly strong performances. , but could not win his game.

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After this time the mixed (Hall/Diehl) was lost, it was left to Lars Schangler to receive the honor point in person and to correct the final result to 1:6.

For team manager Heinz Kelzenberg the disappointment was limited: “Wipperfeld was missing three national players because of the World Cup, four of us. There you can even make it out and play with 7 strong foreign players. Second. On the other hand, we don’t have those options, so it’s okay to lose. I’m glad it worked out so well with Adam and David”.

refth 2 score

Even though three of the top performers were not available with Malik Bourakkady, Kian-Yu Oi, Ella Diehl and Florentine Schofsky, TV Refrath’s Bundesliga reserve scored three points in the second Bundesliga over the weekend.

1. BV Mülheim against a staff It was a 6–1 away win, with only Iya Gordeeva leaving his man in just five sets. On Sunday the opponent was stronger. Also with a narrowly losing women’s singles, this time by 16-year-old Celine Hubs, it was a 2:5 defeat at home-strong 1. CFB Cologne.

Hubbs won the women’s doubles with Lucy Wagner, and Christopher Klauer could not lose in the second men’s singles either. Unfortunately, the other three men, Kai Waldenburger, Mark Byerly and Elias Beckman, didn’t get their games, leaving you to start the short trip home without any calculations.

Refrath plays 3 draws

TVR’s third team got BC Hohenlimberg’s second team in the regional league. After interesting games, they parted amicably between 4:4. Of the two youngsters from Refrath, only 13-year-old Gloria Poluytov scored in the women’s singles, while 16-year-old Julian Streck had no chance in her singles. Two strong men’s doubles with Marcelo Cosman/Bennett Peters and Corvin Schmitz/Fritz Binas scored points, as did Peters in singles.

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Unfortunately, short-lived mixed Marcelo Kausmann / Marie Mühlhaus were not allowed to clear the victory point, losing 19:21 in the third set.

Refrath both teams are third in the table in the second Bundesliga and the regional leagues.

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