Belmadi, “We are aiming for the top 5 African FIFA”


During the lively press conference on Sidi Moussa’s CTN this morning, Jamel Belmadi spoke about the next three opponents in a friend to the Greens, revealing the quality of the staff and their interest in these various confrontations.

No, Algeria, which will play three friendly matches against Mauritania (June 3), Mali (June 6) and Tunisia (June 11), are not simple ways to warm up before qualifying for the Coupe du World. Greens coach, Jamel Belmadi, confirmed this morning: These clashes will be decisive on several points.

When asked, first of all, about the impact on his group of the postponement of qualifying matches, the coach wanted to be reassured, as well as highlight the state of his form at the start of the internship: ” I do not know whether for postponement of qualification world cup 2022 Good thing, but we have players who are in bad shape and don’t have time to play.Goals by players such as Jameel Benlamari or Yousef Atal. For the occasion, these friendlies need the Greens to be more prepared and move on to some of their still-visible flaws (especially deep in defensive play). should allow.

Regarding the choice of opponents, here again the coach assumes this: all three are of high standard and will not count for butter: Mauritania, the first rival of the national team, is praised as “relentless progress. This is a team that has chained just two qualifiers in CAN for example.“Even comparing him to the Greens’ future rival:”They are a better team than Djibouti, without disrespecting them, which we will face in qualifying for the World Cup in September. They will bring us a lot of problems and we will be able to go ahead and save time playing.»

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The gardener, who has fallen behind in comparison to the generations of Seydou Keita and Frederic Kanoute, is once again praised by Jamel Belmadi: “The gardener will be facing one hell of a challenge. This is a new golden generation with over 30 players in Europe. I really wouldn’t be surprised if they top a couple of years with all these young people. To compare again, they are at least as strong as Burkina Faso, which we will also face in September.»

Finally, with respect to Tunisia, which is reinforced by several binational companies and which will host the EN in Tunis, there is another point that interests the coach: that is the FIFA rankings. Actually, If they manage to defeat Tunisia, Greens will definitely be among the African top 5 and in the event of a potential qualifying play-off for the World Cup, especially in the return match. This insignificant data doesn’t come to bring additional interest to a coveted clash, again, to allow players to gain play time and progress on their weak points.



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