“Bergman Island”, “Titanium”, “Designated Guilty” … see movies this week (or not)

« Burgman Island »

French dramatic comedy by Mia Hansen-Loewe with Vicky Cripps, Tim Roth, Mia Wasikowska, Anders Danielson Lai (1h52).


Some of the filmmakers (Vicki Cripps and Tim Roth) leave for a writing residence in Faroe, the wild island where Ingmar Bergman retired, the patron spirit of a sunny, substantial, material and bland film. It’s summer, and in this open camera, a complete character, everyone works: he, in a dove, with this difficulty in writing, about which the filmmakers of “Tout est Pardonnay” have never made a secret. . Him, in a room, with apparent ease. What is creativity within a couple? What do we say to each other? What are we hiding? How to manage to accept that part of the other that inevitably escapes you? Mia Henson-Love answers these questions with her dazzling art of giving loneliness a cinematographic look that sometimes lies at the heart of the feeling of love, of imagining the artistic liberation of a woman, Vicky Cripps, in its Director, haunted by the invisible presence of the greatest Gurus on the ground.

Mia Hansen-Lowe: “Even though Bergman is everywhere, the movie is not Bergmanian”

In this system of echoes—the echo of the pair created in life by Mia Hansen-Love with director Olivier Assayas, the echo of a film shot by Cripps that enriches their cinema pairing problem—everything garners praise. Forces: Humo

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