Best streaming highlights at the end of November 2021

Best streaming highlights at the end of November 2021
  • “My Strange Life”, Season 1 (Nov 25)

Movies-TV shows directed by Alejandro Marin
Friends: Carlos Gonzales, Gabriel Sanchez, Candela Pea, Miguel Railan, Alba Flores

The Spanish series “My Queer Life” is about young, slightly overweight Roberto, who is bullied at his school as an outsider. At the time he didn’t really realize he was gay. In a parallel narrative, we meet Roberto at various points in his life, sometimes as a schoolboy in the provinces, then as an aspiring writer in his mid-30s in Madrid, where he writes his first book. are working on.

But he really can’t let go of his childhood. The series, conceived by Roberto Enriquez aka Bob Pop, draws on his own experiences, changing frequently from a light, humorous tone to serious themes.

  • “wasp”Season 1 (December 3)

Director: Hermine Huntgeberth
Together with: Florian Lucas, Leonard Scheicher, Ulrich Noethane, Lisa Wagner, Sahin Erilmaz

“Trust me: life is meaningless without darts.” Eddie Frotzke, known as “The Wasp”, had already reached down upon hearing this sentence. The former professional darts player is in bad trouble. His foster son has outpaced him in the national rankings, while his wife is on the verge of leaving him.

But when there doesn’t seem to be any way out, the lovable underdog begins his fight back upstairs – and back into his darling’s heart. Florian Lucas scored in the title role with a mustache and the loyal dog eye of a loser. The six episodes were staged by Hermione Huntgeberth.


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