“Better against Portugal than against Wales or Scotland”

In an interview with “Bean Sports”, the coach of the Turkish national team Stefan Kuntz made important statements regarding the upcoming playoff games against Portugal in March. He said that there may possibly be new nominations in the squad of the national team. The East German national follows several players who would belong to the extended circle of the Turkey national team – both in the stadium and live on TV.

Stefan Kuntz on his knowledge of Turkish football:

“First of all, I would like to emphasize that during my professional career, a maximum of three foreign players were allowed to play in the Super Liga. If I can be honest, as a professional footballer, I have always enjoyed my performance and performance. Have seen the performance of the team. Yesterday I watched the match between Galatasaray and Trabzonspor live in the stadium and saw Turkish players. I have been living in Turkey for two months and I followed all the important games that I wanted to watch For example, I can’t make a final decision on Trabzonspor. Even if I say they had a bonus, even though I wasn’t in Europe.”

… about potential new nominations

“It is quite possible that some players will be re-nominated. Let’s take Sek Tosun as an example here. How many times does Sek sprint in a game? How many times does he normally sprint in the Premier League? Do passes come from deep or does the game switch sides based on passes? The important thing is that we have to prepare for the match against Portugal as soon as possible. If you ask what criteria do we use to make the nominations? If you do, I can tell you the following. We always focus on past and present performances, tactical flexibility and training of players. We are thinking deeply about how we can integrate these players into the team structure However, the level at which these players are active is also important when making nominations. Is it a strong or easy league in which they perform?

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…about the style of play against Portugal

“We have to think about possible attack constellations in the initial phase. Should you move the attack patiently, or should it be done with active pressure? We have to constantly find the best possible solution by interacting with the players in an interactive way. This one Important way because we need to prepare for the match against Portugal in March. People think we must have definitely gone against Wales or Scotland. But that’s not how I see it. I draw. It could be an advantage for us that we don’t have to make games. It would have been different against Wales or Scotland.”

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