Big Brother Canada Season 10 Cast Announcement: Meet the 16 New Guests

Big Brother Canada Season 10 Cast Announcement: Meet the 16 New Guests

Big Brother Canada Season 10 released profiles of all 16 guests competing for $100,000 and additional prizes. spectators watch the final celebrity big brother Season 3, on February 23, received a preview of some of the contestants during a commercial break, revealing the full cast list after Misha Tate, Todrick Hall and Cynthia Bailey left the house. As one of the most popular international editions of elder brother, BCAN Seasons 5 and 6 have aired since 2013 after a short hiatus. Like the US version, the live stream follows guests 24/7 as they compete for head of household and veto power; Several former guests returned for a second hit. BCAN 5Whereas BCAN 4 members Nikki Graham and Tim Dormer have already performed Big Brother United Kingdom And big brother australiarespectively.

Big Brother Canada Season 10 was announced last summer; The news came soon after Tychon became the first black guest to win with Carter-Newman BCAN 9, like america elder brother, there were several questionable casting choices that executive producer and host Arisa Cox worked on to improve upon. For example, Jammer Lee and Kyle Rosendal were dropped. BCAN 8 Neutral before the end of the season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Global artist Ethan Quins, 22, for BCAN 9 She was quickly replaced the following year after sexual and racial allegations surfaced. Other memorable contestants include BCAN 1of Tom Plan, who denounced Alec Beale, and BCAN 2Kay Ika Wong, who shredded the house guest’s letters for $5,000.

Last group of guests whose personal biographies have been uploaded Big Brother Canadaare spread across the country, although most of them are from Ontario. Four players live in British Columbia and two live in Quebec. 31-year-old Betty Yarsaw is the only candidate from Alberta, while 43-year-old Martin “Marty” Frenet is the only candidate. elder brother Candidates representing New Brunswick. majority of BCAN The actors are in their mid to late twenties; Marty is the oldest, followed by Jessica Gowling, 35, and Tinisha White, 32. Many creative minds are ready to enter bb House, including artist Melina Mansing, content creator Moose Bendago, social media manager Jessie-Lynn Graham and the unemployed It’s called summer. Additional guests include firefighter Steven “Gino” Gianopoulos, automotive sales manager Herman Nizaghi, sales engineer Kevin Jacobs and teacher Stephanie Paterson.

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an emergence elder brother The fan favorite is already 23-year-old Kyle Moore; As youngest contestant, Nova Scotian podcaster hits first BCAN Scene after Season 9’s being mistaken for Kyle Moore – despite sharing the same name, the contestants are actually two different people. ,When a group of BBCAN fans thought I was Kyle from BBCAN9 I played in and followed the narrative, Incoming Kyle’s bio explains; There is no doubt that the humor situation will be addressed on the live stream. Other contestants with interesting insights include Betty, who once went on a first date in Las Vegas; Helena Gill, who has harry potteresque cage diving trail with sharks in South Africa; Jay Northcott, who can walk on his hands; and Josh Nah, who has 11 siblings.

, first pictures of BCAN 10 The house has excited audiences for much of what’s to come, especially since the building and decor differ greatly from its American counterpart. Three photos were shared on February 22; Featured are the brightly lit kitchen, the colorful dining room, and a mysterious room with question marks inside. With only a week until the cameras are on, fans are interested to see what stirs up in the entertainment and final drama.

Big Brother Canada Premieres March 2 at 8 p.m. EST on Global.

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