Blues List Announcement

Blues List Announcement

Didier Deschamps interview less than a month before the Euro, isn’t this the best way to see this phenomenon?

Nathalie Iannetta: Because of this epidemic, we have been waiting for this meeting for three years, if the World Cup is to be counted. The last euro is from five years ago. So yes, in the end it is a good way to go to this program. Sportsmen, supporters, journalists and mentors, we all look forward to it!

Do you expect a surprise in the list announced by Didier Deschamps?

Already, it is fortunate that UEFA has allowed coaches to call more players (Maybe up to 24 instead of 23, editor’s note), Due to health hazards. So there will inevitably be some who are not part of the adventure in normal times. That said, who expected to see Benjamin Powered and Lucas Hernandez in the 2018 World Cup? Nevertheless, he played the entire competition.

Two women questioning Didier Deschamps, is this a strong symbol of mentality development?

I think so, because you are asking me questions. I only hope that in the near future, in terms of symbolism, or “Ah, here, and why? Well, because … there you go!”

Do you think the media coverage generated by Mary Portolano’s doctor, I’m not a bitch i’m a journalist, On Canal +, could this affect the election?

Since what I just told you, I really hope that it has nothing to do with it. In general, I attribute more positive than negative. So yes, I think it has nothing to do with it.

How would you share the roles with Mary during this interview?

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We will discuss all this over a small coffee, even if, for a day or two, it will not be on the roof (scheduled to reopen on May 19)! In any case, when it comes to interviewing the President of the Republic, it seems very good among colleagues from different channels. The question is whether we would have the list 2 minutes, 10 minutes or 1 hour before the announcement. We will arrange ourselves accordingly. These are the joys of living. Because of this, this exercise is also very exciting. This is the first time for me in twenty-five years of work, especially since interviewing the boss of Blues Hot. What we learn at any age!

On March 14, you had another unprecedented first-place experience, replacing Gregoire Margoton in a Telefoot presentation. It was also the first time that a woman had hosted the event since its creation in 1977 …

The whole team has been fantastic. They put me in slippers, as if I were at home. And there, for once, Sylvain (Mignona, the show’s production assistant, editors’ note) Made me this reflection: “‘Nath’, you imagine what they should think, two Thierry (Roland and Gilardi), there? To come back to the documentary made on female journalists, I can confirm that they ever Would not have believed it!

(Laughs) Interview Frederic Lohzek


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