Boris Johnson apologizes without explaining the opposition

Boris Johnson apologizes without explaining the opposition

Cornered, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson acknowledged his appearance in full imprisonment in 2020 at a party in Downing Street on Wednesday and presented his “apology” without convincing the opposition, which calls for his resignation. In the hot seat after a series of scandals, the 57-year-old Conservative, with long-lasting popularity, has had his toughest weekly questioning session in parliament since his victorious arrival in power in July 2019, calling for a Brexit savior. is in the form. ‘Stalemate.

The incident in question occurred at a traumatic time for the British, on May 20, 2020, in the gardens of his official residence. Amidst the first wave of Covid-19, only two people were allowed to meet outside and many of them could not say goodbye to their dying loved ones. In a heated House of Commons, Boris Johnson said he believed then that the evening, where a hundred people would have been invited with instructions to bring drinks, was a working meeting.

He acknowledged that he should have concluded that although the phenomenon could be “technically” considered within the rules, Britain’s perception of “millions” may have been quite different. “I apologize from the bottom of my heart,” he said. Boris Johnson claimed to take “responsibility” for the “mistakes”, explaining in a carefully considered intervention that he made a 25-minute appearance in the garden that evening, which he described as an “office extension”, then Given the properties of the great outdoors against “consistent” viruses used.

Towards a motion of no confidence?

Accusing the prime minister of lies, Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer called his defense “so ridiculous” that it was “outrageous” of his compatriots. According to the Labor leader, “the only question” is whether the British or his party will “kick him out”. Or will he now have the “decency to resign”? He launched. Boris Johnson no longer appears safe from a no-confidence motion within his party, some of whom do not hesitate to openly express their displeasure over the accumulation of missteps. Not likely in the near future, although the option is no longer taboo among conservatives, among whom are either Finance Minister Rishi Sunak or Foreign Affairs Minister Liz Truss running.

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The Scottish Independence SNP and the Liberal Democrats have also called for his departure. For his part, Boris Johnson referred to an internal investigation conducted by senior civil servant Sue Grey, the findings of which now promise to be decisive on his fate.

“Can’t Tell the Truth”

Faced with several revelations late last year about parties in power held in defiance of health rules to fight against the coronavirus in 2020, Boris Johnson has seen the allegations harden. The ITV television channel on Monday evening revealed the existence of an email sent to around 100 people by Martin Reynolds, the Chief Secretary to Prime Minister Martin Reynolds, on May 20, 2020. Good weather” during a drink “with social distancing” in the gardens of the head of government’s residence.

According to the press, thirty or forty people had responded to the invitation, including Boris Johnson and his fiancée Carrie, whom she soon married. But, assuring Downing Street, he had not read the email, leading to a slight ambiguity on the celebratory nature of the event. On Twitter, the Union of Relatives of Justice for the Bereaved Families of Covid Victims slammed the prime minister for “fools by pretending he didn’t know it was a party”, “is unable to tell the truth and must leave”. Accused of taking

Aside from the holidays, Boris Johnson finds himself vulnerable to suspicions of lies about funding the luxurious renovations of his company’s apartments, awarding contracts between friends during the pandemic or even partisans.


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