Boris Johnson, supervisor of divorce between Britain and Europe

Boris Johnson, supervisor of divorce between Britain and Europe

France 5 – Today January 12 at M.M. 50 P.M. – Documentary

Walid Berrisol and Florentine Kolp have qualified to nominate Boris Johnson: “Magician.” For an hour, the director and co-writer of this documentary, which aired in the box “Le Monde en Face” on France 5, portrays a portrait of a British Prime Minister, who is more suggestive than a political leader. . The man pays good words, wins the election, but when the dual reality of Brexit and Kovid-19 is born, he struggles to follow it. “We were trying to answer this question: what happens when a person is chosen over lies? “, Find Walid Berisoul.

For Boris Johnson, the answer is hardly spectacular. In early March 2020, as the epidemic spreads, he still laughs at a press conference: “I was visiting a hospital where Kovid was a patient and you would be happy to know that I shook hands with everyone. “ Three weeks later, he decides to late general imprisonment in other European countries. Shortly thereafter, he fell seriously ill and spent three days in intensive care. They are specially cared for by two Portuguese and New Zealand nurses, the same people who may have difficulty obtaining work visas after Brexit. Even Rachel Johnson, the Prime Minister’s full sister, is angry. “Who are the people in the worst case who took care of you?” The people you will not let come into the country. “

Giving a voice to the Brixers

The film has immense potential to be a burden, especially as it gives voice to the Brixors, and seeks to understand their motivations. British fishermen explain their anger when they see their European competitors fishing in their territorial waters. Bishop, owner of a cafe in Auckland in the north-east of England, talks about the feeling of sacrificing his territory, one of the poorest people in the country. A city financier, for his part, admires the qualities of a vast variety of markets.

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But, file after file, thanks for the clear explanation (Florentine was correspondent of Collomp Figaro In the United Kingdom for eight years), the film shows the concrete difficulties of leaving the European Union.

For example, a pallet supplier loses the health exemption applied in the EU: now each of its ingredients will have to be treated by passing through a heating room for several hours, which increases costs. The concern is at the Nissan car plant, which exports a large part of its production to the European Union. To dream of coherence with the Commonwealth, he announced Swapan Dasgupta, a member of the upper chamber of the Indian Parliament, a reminder of this former colonial power. “The force of arms, deceit and duplicity” This has been shown in the past. Finally, Boris Johnson is today as the head of a country that is cracking down: Scotland has awakened the dream of independence and North Irish changes.

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