Boris Johnson’s father tries to avoid Brexit by asking for French nationality

Boris Johnson's father tries to avoid Brexit by asking for French nationality

The Johnson clan is more divided than ever. After his sister Rachel’s anti-Brexit instigation, Boris Johnson sees his father Stanley applying for French nationality. The purpose of this maneuver is to avoid the consequences of divorce between the British and the European Union.

Asked by RTL, Former conservative MEPs and authors claim to feel more “European”. To support his request, he specifically explained that his mother was born in France and his grandmother was French himself. “For me, it’s a question of claiming what I already have,” says Stanley Johnson.

There is this new chapter in the strangeness between Johnson and Brexit that when you consider the instigation of father and son incitement and show politics it is not all that surprising. In 2017, Stanley Johnson was part of the reality TV show I’m a Celebrity. Get me out of here (I’m a celebrity … Sortez-moi de la, in French).

Last May, he was again in discussion. In fact, he has been accused of opportunism by many observers in the midst of a coronovirus epidemic. Sales of books on video games, movies and viruses have skyrocketed allegedly due to Kovid-19. Insisted to his editor that his short story on the subject, released in the 1980s, be republished at the earliest.. If he attains his French nationality, perhaps a translated version of “The Marbug Virus” will appear in the French bookstore.

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