Born in the far north – Arte

Born in the far north - Arte

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Born in the far north

Rocks, fire, and ice dominate the wild coastal landscape of the North Atlantic. From the Scottish islands to the Icelandic volcanic plate to the Norwegian fjords, active volcanoes, violent storms and frozen rivers make life almost impossible. But some animal species have adapted to unfavorable conditions: beaver, arctic fox, gray seal, reindeer and killer whales successfully cope with the harsh climate of the north. Nordic landscapes bloom, under the eternal sun of short, intense summers. Two Arctic Fox clan fight for the existence of their nascent Protegas on the volcanic shores of Iceland. Only half of all Arctic Fox cubs survive the first year. Mother Otter released her youth into self-employment in Scotland. This is the best time for summer. In the Shetland Puffin Colony, Fedgling is ready for her first mating. As the heat is rising, killer whales can be seen hunting gray seals. Life begins for sea creatures like squirrels with a daring jump off a cliff into the sea.

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