Bouchet-Saint-Nicolas Lung, Auberge du Couvige

L’auberge du Couvige, le poumon du Bouchet-Saint-Nicolas

In Auberge du Couvige, Dominic has habits of his own. A part-time resident of Bouchet-Saint-Nicolas, she often sits at a table in front of the bar to “drink coffee” on winter mornings, in the company of her other half: “Gerard, Meilleur Ovier de France”, she tells someone also tells the one who will listen, since receiving – undoubtedly – his title.
This was a few decades ago, in the 1990s. Immerse yourself in a moment of pride in which the retired from the city, “the son of a farmer”, through his smartphone – or for more. He carries the fruits of his reputation there: shots of a historic hairstyle, photographed from all angles, and an “inverted banana bun” on a famous model that he’s proud to show off in this space, away from rhinestones and sequins. “Here, Dominic says as if to take him out of his moment of nostalgia, we are not superficial. This is real life”. Lyonnaise savors the “best waffles” in the country – let’s not fear the words – succulent chocolate mousse or ice cream and feeds on the “authenticity” of your guests’ smiles above all else. His good humor too. “If you don’t have morale when you enter, she guarantees, you have it when you leave.”


Behind the counter, the father of positive waves is Fabian Rochedi. A 36-year-old Ardechois. Her husband, Jerome, aka “Mr. Decoration”, works in the kitchen, where he works with Cassandra, his apprentice, the family recipes. The couple, supported by Keelia, who looks after the room service, have been proud owners of the Auberge du Couvige for four years. A purchase that sealed their union with Bouchet-Saint-Nicolas, a town for which he had “a crush”. After eight years they settled there to start a new chapter in their life together.
It was from their meeting at the Giphy store in Vals-Pres-le-Puy – of which Fabian was director – that the idea of ​​embarking on a bed-and-breakfast adventure was born. The desire to satisfy both of “contact”, important to Fabian, and to “nature”, essential to Jerome, which had previously led him to take the reins of Aristadou, without a certain “apprehension”, they agreed. Huh. The water evaporated from the lake in the middle of summer due to the warm welcome from residents for fear of “what would people say”. He also pledged to make the couple permanently rooted in the volcanic land. And get married there. Weddings that the people of Buchito saw.
After four years at the city gates, Fabian and Jerome win their hearts by visiting the Auberge du Couvige. A 500 square meter setting with “five bedrooms, fifteen beds”, its restaurant, its bar-tabac-press, its sunken terrace in the process of being renovated
And even an outdoor spa (fitted last year, editor’s note) that has become one of the lungs of this village that they try to highlight in a number of ways. In 2017, his participation in the television program Bienvenue Ches Nous brought the spotlight to the city and its listed natural site, which is one of the busiest in the Haute-Loire. But Bouchet-Saint-Nicolas isn’t just about his lake and Fabian wants to make it known. “It is a very beautiful village, with a beautiful church and its carved stone hunters’ houses,” he explains. It is also a stage of Stevenson’s, a hiking trail in the shadow of Santiago de Compostela that “deserves to be (re)known”.
Gr 70, taken by Scottish author Robert-Louis Stevenson in 1878, “attracts, every year, no less than 10,000 walkers”. Anonymous and sometimes a few celebrities like Belgian actor François Damiens who could have been almost secretive – Fabian hadn’t “recognized” him – would have been with thunderous lights if the gendarmes hadn’t given him an action movie-like reception. , in October 2020.
Ever since the TF1 cameras were withdrawn, this tourist attraction, Fabian Rochedi has been working as a municipal councilor with his hat on 365 days a year to “defend” it (elected in March 2020, editor’s note) ). Accompanied by the manager of the Auberge du Couvige, he devotes his energies to the service of the village and its “mobility”. “Bringing it to life”, “bringing it to life”, is its primary concern, not only on sunny days, but on a daily basis, winter and summer, the couple’s main concern. He who guides his choices. This gave rise to “theme evenings” – which have been temporarily put on hold in terms of health – within the establishment, selling takeaway food on Friday evenings, and even an association called La Bouchitois. Its members periodically sit at the tavern – as schoolchildren have done every lunch time since 2001 – around its president: Fabian Rochedi.
The 30-year-old made it “three years ago” to do double things: “bring together” players in local life – such as the football club, petanque club and festival committee – and “promote the city” to a fair. An event that, after “a successful first edition”, is set to make its big comeback next September after a two-year absence due to COVID-19.

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“Always full of innovative ideas”, Fabian and Jerome have made their establishment an essential place to live. The “place of love”, exchanges and meetings – sometimes impossible – where Dominic “feels good”. In just a few short years, the couple have brought “a breath of fresh air” to Bouchet-Saint-Nicolas and made their mark on the city. And she does them well. The mayor, Josette Arnaud, didn’t add much, except that in her eyes, her hosts are “perfect.”

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Ophelie Kremilieux

A wooden terrace development is planned in front of the entrance of the hostel. During the month of April, it will have seating arrangement for about fifty people.


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