Brave Mancini! Scots are for Italy

  Brave Mancini!  Scots are for Italy

There is disagreement again in Great Britain. While England kept their fingers crossed for their team in the European Championship final against Italy on Sunday, things look very different with neighboring Scots. A front page makes this clear.

Roberto Mancini, in the classic film “Braveheart” disguised as Scottish hero Sir William Wallace – is featured by the daily newspaper “The National” and writes: “Save us Roberto, you are our last hope!” In parentheses below is freely translated: “We can’t stand another 55 years in which they complete us with this.” In the background the flag of Italy is also waving on the battlefield.

Explanation: England won the World Cup in 1966 and Wembley could have a second title. The Scots were the EM group opponents of the “Three Lions”, even fought 0–0, but were knocked out after the group stage.

As a newspaper, The National is clearly in favor of Scottish independence, so the front page is not surprising. More than 80 percent of participants polled by the paper are finalists for Mancini’s Italians. But that is likely to be the true mood of the Scots. At least in football, you don’t like the British at all.

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