Bravo Stars mourn Lisa Wonderpump’s Dog

Lisa Vanderpump and her dog Giggy

Lisa Wonderpump is one of the former stars Real housewives of Beverly Hills. There are many things that a reality star is known for: her color is pink and her pet dog Gigi loves it. The latter became a reality TV icon and set the standard for other famous pets The Real Housewives The world. Announcing Gingy’s death, Wonderpump shared devastating news with his fans.

Lisa Wonderpump and her dog Gigi | Noel Vasquez / Getty Images

“We were disappointed to hear that our beloved Giggy has passed away this morning,” Beloved Nderpump posted on her verified Instagram account. “He really loved, and we know how many of you loved him.”

Gigigo was short for gigolo and was often featured in it RHOBH, Become a star on its own.

“Our Sweet Gigolo was an incredible, unique dog, but primarily, because of that, we started the Wunderpump Dog Foundation and started our mission to rescue as many dogs as possible,” Wonderpump continued. “He inspired us to start our work in defense, and we will always be grateful for that. Gigi’s legacy will live on, with every dog ​​and dog nerdpump saving dogs. Thank you for your support. Rest in Peace Giggy, we love you. “

Vanderpump also signed the note on behalf of her husband, Ken Todd.

Brigo’s celebrities react to Gigi’s death

News of Gigi’s death quickly made headlines and Bravo’s stars came to mourn at Vanderpump’s post.

Andy Cohen, executive producer of The Real Housewives, Said: “Gigi was Bravo’s first dog. Really love at first sight for the beautiful pup we have ever seen. RIP beautiful gigolo. “

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From Tom Schwartz Wonderpump rules He also commented, “RIP Gigi, you were loved [by] Brought many and much joy to the world. “

Schwartz’s wife Katie Maloney also expressed her sympathy, adding, “RIP Gigi, you were and always will be iconic.”

Giggy | Noel Vasquez / Getty Images

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Tough years for Lisa Vanderpump

This year has not been an easy one. After the epidemic hit, its restaurants were forced to close. The restaurant and bar business has been hit hard as the coronavirus is difficult to control. California has some strict measures to protect the health of its citizens and Wonderpump was the first to be affected.

Back in July, Vanderpump made the difficult decision to close for its good restaurant Villa Blanca, located in the middle of Beverly Hills.

“Although there have been many false articles about the reasons for closing Villa Blanca or so, we will close our doors for the really good.” Rajinda message.

Villa Blanca, Lisa Vanderpump Restaurant in Beverly Hills
Villa Blanca, Lisa Vanderpump Restaurant in Bellary Hills | AronP / Bauer-Griffin / GC Images

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Vanderpump explained that his landlord did not hesitate to negotiate a new contract given the circumstances of the epidemic.

“If the landlord had been willing to compromise again and the lease had not expired, we would have reopened, but unfortunately with the coronavirus, the situation was out of our control,” Wonderpump added.

Villa Blanca has been part of the Beverly Hills community for 12 years. The former RHOBH Tara said she hopes to be able to open up the same concept in different places in the future.

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When the restaurant closes, Vanderpump’s hit show Wonderpump rules Was placed at extended intervals. Bravo decided to fire four cast members from the series for racist actions. The film is expected in the second season of the show but there is no word yet on when it will happen.


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