Brest and his personality: “Who am I? # # 13 – Breast and his personality

  Brest and his personality:

“I was born on April 28, 1835 in Brest and died on March 30, 1905 in Ellenswood, England.

The daughter of a famous Breton writer, I have an extraordinary career in the late 19th century.

In 1863, I, along with my partner Caroline Dussaut in Avon, created a boarding school for wealthy foreign girls who were taught French, aristocratic and not religious.

I set up my school “Ellenswood” near London, and my most famous disciple will be the young American Eleanor Roosevelt, the first woman of the future, whom I will mark forever.

A woman of influence, I encourage young girls to form personal opinions, especially in politics. The aim of my education is female liberation. Some see me as a feminist ahead of time.

So who am i “

you guessed ? (Source Pixabay)

please respond

Mary Sauvestre, daughter of author vestmile Souvestre. She will be told of her influence, her pedagogy, and her influence in the education of many young girls of the English and American bourgeois elite in the 19th century.

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