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Romantic comedy fans will be in heaven on Sunday August 22, 2021 France 2 will air again that evening Bridget Jones Diary. Independently adapted from the eponymous novel, this feature film has become a cult following over time. Raised over $281.9 million worldwide during its theatrical releaseFor a production budget of only $25 million, the film was a real success, allowing two sequels to see the light of day on the big screen: Bridget Jones: The Age of Reason (2004), And bridget jones baby (2016). Here are 5 things you didn’t know about yet Bridget Jones Diary.

1. Renee Zellweger’s Body Transformation

In order to stick with the original novel’s character as much as possible, actress Renee Zellweger set about modifying her physical appearance. He took 10 kg to slip into Bridget Jones’s skinWho is crazy about dieting. To achieve this, the actress stopped her daily gymnastics, starting a special diet”junk foodMade from Pizza, Milkshake and Ice Cream. Diet too high in calories outlines the site Zoom Cinema.

2. An irreverent British accent for an American actress

Following the announcement of the casting of Renee Zellweger to play Bridget Jones, A small controversy broke out in the United Kingdom. Fans of the novel would have preferred to see a British actress play the character rather than an actress of Texan descent. To be irreplaceable on screen, Renee Zellweger moved to London in March 2000 to work with pronunciation specialist Barbara Burkeri. The two women spent a lot of time together so that the American actress could achieve a flawless English accent. His daily work included exercises to learn the sounds and rhythms of the language.

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3. Internship in Incognito Mode with a Publisher for Renee Zellweger

To always look the most believable in your role, Renee Zellweger did the same thing as Bridget Jones’ character For a while. Thus, the producers of the feature film got a small job for their lead actress. The latter was recruited in secret under the name of Bridget Cavendish, as Trainee in the advertising department of the publisher Picador in London. For several weeks, Renee Zellweger answered the phone, made photocopies, and made coffee. No one ever doubted his true identity.

4. An Original Soundtrack That’s Became a Cult Too

And Bridget Jones Diary It was a huge success in cinemas, so was its soundtrack: it’s raining Men, performed by Gerry Halliwell. The song sold a total of 423,418 copies in the UK. After the release of the feature film, it became the singer’s most popular single across the channel. The tube is also number 1 in Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, Poland and Scotland.. The title has also sold over 812,000 copies in France..

5. A panty sold at auction

during one of the cult scenes of Journal de Bridget Jones, the character played by Hugh Grant, signs the covering panties worn by Renée Zellweger. These famous panties were later sold at auction, before being acquired for a nominal amount of 2000 pounds sterling., as revealed so movie in 2016. The accessory was also the source of a real tidal wave in the world of women’s lingerie, as sales of this type of product soared 17% after the film’s release in theaters, while thong sales fell 7%.

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