British compete in humor on their new imprisonment (photo)

Les Britanniques rivalisent d’humour sur leur nouveau confinement (photos)

While the entire United Kingdom suffers from a difficult lockdown, Internet users have loved to laugh at it with much imagination.

English humor is particularly well-known and its reputation is only reinforced during difficult times. This has been the case since yesterday, when Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordered full control of the country to deal with the new version of the Coronauras. Therefore, the British would remain in the house during the first wave from January to March (at least). Meanwhile, they like to laugh about it on social networks.

Laughing is better than crying!

Through the hashtag #Lockdown, many people have competed in the invention to describe the situation. Some were heavily influenced by the fact that Boris Johnson adopted a strict lockdown soon after Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon declared for Scotland. Since then, Boris Johnson has been compared to Mr. Bean on imitating another man, much like what Belgium has said for France.

Others have imagined that they might be happy with the lockdown, such as employees of the Microsoft Team Chat program. But there are also those that provide solutions, such as covering English cities with a large protective anti-coronavirus and pro-lockdown bubble.

A user was asked the advice of his connected watch: ” One minute of breathing also reduces stress “. To which he responds with reference to the stress of imprisonment: ” I think I will need more than a minute »

In another post on Twitter, the “Hunger Games” film has been compared to districts to show the severity of the epidemic in the United Kingdom. District 16 will fight District 39 to fight District 4 »

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Finally, there are those who imagine the end of this test. One photo is circling in particular where we see Boris Johnson growing old with the comment: ” United Kingdom 2035. A few more months and we would have won “. For the students, for the first day of post-lockdown, they are represented as a happy band of elderly people set up on school benches.


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