British Fox News relies on Trump-Farage duo to boost audiences

British Fox News relies on Trump-Farage duo to boost audiences

Launched in London last June, GB Between technical problems and a hungry audience, the news has experienced a chaotic first six months. To start, the conservative channel took a right turn, which was symbolized by the broadcast of an interview with the former US president by Nigel Farage on 1.Is December.

Even six months after his birth, GB News is still looking for himself. thought like a space “Opinion and Debate”, indicates weekly Week, The country’s first openly conservative channel is struggling to find its place in the British audiovisual landscape. Average weekly viewers of the channel, Founded by two business leaders, “The audience went from 14,657 during the traditionally quiet month of August to 24,200 for the week of September 13, description Daily Telegraph, However, last week it came down to 19,657. Its designated competitors, far behind the prestigious BBC public television and main private channel Sky News, were accused of being out of touch with British concerns and prioritizing topics “Self-righteous”.

According to official count, a few weeks after the first aerial, a few GB of news broadcasts were also recorded, zero viewers. “The beginning was technically somewhat chaotic”, Points to the conservative newspaper amid disastrous lighting and recurring sound problems. Importantly, the series quickly lost its figurehead, Andrew Neal. Former BBC star interviewer and director of Tory Weekly the audience, the 72-year-old Scottish man went on summer vacation… never to return to the screen. “Growing differences have arisen between me, the other managers and the directors of GB News”, He justified last September.

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A rebound with Nigel Farage

In other words, the channel moved too far to the right, in favor of news coverage closer to the regions, in favor of its approach. To confirm the suspicions of her detractors, who gave her the nickname “British Fox News”.




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