British royals: William and Kate sailing on sand in Scotland

Herzogin Kate (r) und Prinz William beim Strandsegeln. Foto: Phil Noble/PA Wire/dpa Foto: dpa

Duchess Kate (R) and Prince William sailing on the beach. Photo: Phil Noble / PA Wire / DPA Photo: DPA

Prince William and the Duchess met 20 years ago in Scotland. Now they have returned to their university town and immediately fought one-on-one.

St Andrews – Prince William (38) and Duchess Kate (39) during their student days took a brisk walk on the beach with wind-powered vehicles in the city.

The royal couple met 20 years ago in St Andrews, Scotland. Now, as part of a trip to Scotland, the two return to visit young people caring for sick or dependent relatives. They should be able to take a break from their often difficult everyday lives while sailing on the beach with vehicles like go-karts. The program is organized by Young Careers Organization.

William and Kate seize the opportunity of a sporty duel. According to a report by British news agency PA, it was partly a neck-and-neck race. But then William shot with “Woohoo”. Kate then shouted “I’ll get you” after that, but the second in line to the British throne couldn’t be denied victory.

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