But how did the Blues manage to lose this match, the last on an already great action?

But how did the Blues manage to lose this match, the last on an already great action?

The shot looked perfect, feat assured. After 31 years of failure, a completely redesigned French XV will win this Wednesday at the Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane in Australia. The 80-minute mark had already been crossed fifteen seconds earlier. And then, more sound, more light. “The match is played for nothing, on a badly guarded key, sorry Anthony Zelonch, a Blasel’s exemplary captain, with an average of six selections per head. Behind, the Wallabies retrieve the ball, as much as we can.” Can rescue. Tonight [heure australienne]They were more murderers than us. “

A few charges from the opposing forward, a French foul and later a penalty from opener Noah Lolesio, the locals went through the front for the first time in the match (23–21). Only one counts, after the siren. The deadly action video quickly flooded the net.

novice under pressure

Zelonch rewinds the film: “We announce a deflected touchdown for No. 9, then get the ball into contact. The Aussies are troubling us. Teddy [Iribaren, le demi de mêlée remplaçant] On a little retreat, he turns to Damian [Penaud, l’ailier] And it is blocked between the two. Then we knew it was going to be complicated. “We’ll forgive Castor and the future Toulouse for getting the Geese a little lost when describing the action after the 80-minute fight (and a little more, so…).

On a throw from Anthony Etrillard, deflected by Dylan Cretin, Iriberen actually serves Melvin Jaminate, who is a completely neophyte rear at this stage, like five of his teammates (Holder Barlott, Fallatia, Etrillard, Walker and Iribrain) this Tuesday. replaces). Perpignanais seeks to go to Penaud, but the ball goes into the void as Clermontois drops his pawn. Tate McDermott can then seize it and the legend of the French losing is written.

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damn last minute

“Ever since we took the French team, all of our defeats have been played on the final action, except for the loss in Scotland two years ago (28–17),” observed Fabian Galthy, who was certainly in the final VI of France-Scotland. Think in the Nations Tournament (23-27), when back Bryce Dullin failed to touch the ball when he won the game.

There, it’s part of the scenarios that we didn’t work on.”

On the action itself,” we’d say we had to play a small touch, a maul, it’s true, notes the coach. But many players had just returned with little experience. Collective experience may be lacking. “Very undisciplined (16 penalties conceded), especially in a scuffle at the end of a match, with the first line being Fallatia-Atrillard-Walker and a No. 9 (Iribrain) ending on zero selection, the Blues won the Aussies. There was admirable resistance for those who were waiting to come out of their agony to lead 15-0.

The gang in Galthy, who had been coming out for a fortnight, began on their arrival on the island-continent, though deprived of their best players, the final of Toulouse and La Rochelle of the top 14, but were injured or spared. We are talking here, behind DuPont, Entamac, Jalibert, Wakatawa and Fikou, in front of Olivan, Aldrit, Marchand, Chat and Bailey, among others. a straw.

See you next Tuesday in Melbourne

Hence the legitimate “pride” of Geloche, and the many “elements of satisfaction” noted by early scrum-half Baptiste Couillaud, despite the “disappointment and despair”. All are already meeting for the second of the tour’s three Test matches on 13 July in Melbourne (the last is scheduled in Brisbane on 17 July).

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“We must keep the gloom and let it go next Tuesday,” roars Gelounch. “We will be present in the next match”, promises Couillaud. “It’s a test of character, we’re focused on what’s next,” Galthy says. This kind of experience teaches us a lot. However, remember that the concept of “encouraging defeat” is only valid if followed with success.


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