Cannes 2021: Bill Murray and Tilda Swinton, prolific on the crochet

Cannes 2021: Bill Murray and Tilda Swinton, prolific on the crochet

To present the film “New World: The Cradle of Civilization”, Bill Murray could rely on his favorite Hawaiian shirt. The “Ghost Busters” actor had already opted for a summer look at “The French Dispatch” photocall on July 13. Very fit, the American star let loose on the croissant by improvising a few poses. A Raised Leg, back to back with its director Andrew Moscato… in short, an actual teaser.

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It was separated from her colleague in “The French Dispatch” that Tilda Swinton participated in the photo shoot of “Memoria”, a play by Epichatpong Weerasethkul in contention for the Palme d’Or. Once again, the Scottish woman relied on the primary colors that illuminated the crochet. Dressed in green pants, orange pumps, a colorful winged XXL brooch and a fan, the actress had released the big game hours after the verdict.

Benjamin Biole and Blanche Gardin, without Lee Seydoux

A little later, the “France” team also joined the photocall around Bruno Dumont. Blanche Gardin and Benjamin Biole shared the limelight after walking the red carpet last night. By his side, Emanuele Arioli and the director of “Flanders”. Completely absent, Le Sedoux remained in Paris where she is recovering from COVID-19. In “France,” she plays a journalist caught in a spiral of celebrity. To protect the film, in competition for the grand prize, Benjamin Biole opted for a Louis Vuitton trench coat and clutch, while Blanche Gardin dazzled in a very cool black dress. This morning, Croisette also hosted the cast of “Serre Moi Forte,” which included Matthew Amalric and Vicky Cripps.

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