Cardboard for France’s XV, Koh-Lanta had no match for France / Scotland

Cardboard for France's XV, Koh-Lanta had no match for France / Scotland

Defeating Scotland and failing to win the Six Nations tournament, the French rugby players brilliantly left no chance for the competition on Friday 26 March.

A little consolation for the blues. On this Friday 26 March, France’s XV faced Scotland to close their Six Nations tournament. After a decisive match, Fabian Galthey’s men had a chance to win the competition. If they unfortunately came too close to the target, bowing to the score of 23 to 27 in favor of XV of Thistle, the French rugby players thrilled their fellow nationals and won the evening’s hearing match.

Commentary by Matthew LaRotte and Dimitri Yachvili aired on France 2, according to Mediometry, for an average audience share on 29 May. This France / Scotland match fared better than France / Wales on Saturday 20 March, attracting 6.13 million people (25.7% of the PDA).

Koh-Lanta Below 5 million loyal mark

This match of France’s XV particularly crushed the competition. Koh-Lanta, The Secret Weapons. TF1’s adventure game also went below the 5 million spectator mark. They were precisely 4.95 million loyalists (20.9% of the PDA) to follow the third episode of the program marked by Tehura’s return, Elodi’s elimination, and Arud’s hunting technique. In one week, the show lost 500,000 viewers and 6 audience share points.

Rutte in fifth place with film paying tribute to Bertrand Tavernier

Accustomed to a hit with their Friday night thrillers, France is in front of a replays of 3.8 million curios (14.2% of PDAs) with the third leg of the 3 podiums. Crime in luberon. The M6, which also relied on reunions, attracted an average of 1.93 million fans. NCIS (7.3% PDA) in front of the first two episodes of the evening. In the end, Art Bertrand climbs to the fifth stage of the podium with Tavernier’s film Princess of Montpensier. Aired to pay tribute to the director who passed away this week, it attracted around 900,000 viewers (3.5% PDA).

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