Castres: The Lambert brothers have finished shooting their first film

Castres: The Lambert brothers have finished shooting their first film

Cinematographers Leo and Lois Lambert, who are fond of cinema, have finished shooting their first feature film, “La Marche”, which comes after the first web series.

After filming fifteen episodes of their web series “La Marche”, twin brothers Lois and Léo Lambert have taken a new step. He halted his studies at Toulouse Film School and is fully devoted to his new project: a feature film in the same vein as the series that can be viewed independently on YouTube.

“The shooting took place during the summer for more than two weeks, particularly in Castres and the surrounding area. We also went to see the film in Sidobre and worked with the Ica Association in Ilot.” Specifies LEO, who is pleased with the success of crowdfunding used to acquire filmmaking equipment, sets and costumes, and more.

“Now is the time for postproduction,” Lois says, “We will need several months to edit. We hope the film can be released in late 2021.” To be patient, we can already see the first trailer (1) of the 1H10 story at the end.

The two boys adjust well to their scenario in which we follow differently between two worlds between two brothers who try to meet. A science-fiction-style tale of anticipation: “We brought a good forty people together, forming a team that supports us. We had to have a very organized tempo, a very precise schedule.” One of which continues to find itself now. Shooting over 40 hours (1 terabyte of video) filmed in 43 sequences: “It has taught us a lot, especially our vision of cinema. We are now fully into film production and the reality of editing Are faced with. ” . It is a fascinating experience that we have decided to devote a year to. “

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