Castres wins in top 14 against Toulouse by forceps

Castres wins in top 14 against Toulouse by forceps

After a relatively balanced first period, the Castres Olympics took over this “derby”, especially emphasizing pack work, grouping, hard-hitting, from a staid toluene to rotate their workforce to the young team Come for But this was without relying on the resources of an opponent, who remained dangerous until the end, sharing the three, everywhere. With this success with forceps, Castres remains in the running for a spot in the top 6, synonymous with the final leg.

« A derby cannot be played, it must win »Had deployed Tarn supporters banned from the stand due to the epidemic. But it was Tolson who faded to the very first ball. Fortunately, for this show, both teams did not follow the concept it seemed to preside over the shock. With only one real success (17th) harvested by Zac Holmes, the defense’s debenture of Toulouse in front of the defense nevertheless yielded a positive conclusion, with a superb off side negotiated by center Alexita Bales. , Which was a floating pass for his center Savitri Delibes (24th).

Castrice responded with mass acceleration (8th, 20th, 35th) which led to the well-creation of the young Fijian center Villimony Botitu (36th). This gave Tarnis a small advantage (14–10) before the break, with a boot from Benjamin Urdapilatte (three goals) making the difference in the score.

We thought the CO was safe, but Toulouse, probably too late, launched into one last stand, with Thibud Flement registering an effort (69th), followed by Mathis Lebel (76th) in his twenty-two meter At the end of the initial attack, in the purest Toulouse style.

Castres who were in a position to win an offensive bonus were ultimately happy to win themselves in the extreme, being a manifold redundant (Cocott, 70th) and dangerous (Dumra, 76th) flaw, down from thirteen at the end of the match. Used to believe


Number of Yellow Cards distributed: three against Castres (Ardorn in 7th, Cocot in 70th, Damora in 76th), one against Toulouse (Baileys in 58th).

Fact: Toulouse is still very clumsy

In a mixed-over structure – this is a “reserve” team that presents itself to Pierre-Fabre -, the Toulouse people did not deny their offensive system, the game standing close by after contact, most often in the pivot. , Where they were the fastest. But in the end too many projections, too many blunders at crucial moments, punished him by the hour of play. Can they regret so much that they were irresponsible at the end of the match, when they achieved their accuracy, the ball in the hands.


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