Catherine O’Hara’s clip from ‘Home Alone 2’ remake goes viral

Catherine O'Hara's clip from 'Home Alone 2' remake goes viral

– It’s December, which means Alone at home And its sequel, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Playing on TV screens across the country. On other screens, you can now find a perfect tribute to the classic Christmas movies. Inside Viral clip Ticket ok and spread on Twitter, actress Katherine O’Hara has been making the scene again since the 1992s. Home Alone 2 In which her character Kate McCallister finds out that she has forgotten her son for the second time for her son Today. He shook his head slightly, smiling before the sudden appearance of trouble. “Kevin!” She screamed before falling to the floor in a mock ass.

The clip, completely messed up with the original scene, was actually re-broadcast in June during an episode of Josh Gads Also joined Who paid tribute to director John Hughes, who wrote and produced this Alone at home Movies, per People. But this holiday season he is looking for new fans. One version of the clip has over 7.7 million views. BuzzFeed Notes many viewers familiar with O’Hara from him Award-winning turn As Moira Rose Sheets Creek He was surprised to see her in this role from the 90s – something the outlet sees, “more evidence that the U.S. education system is failing.” (Read more viral video stories.)

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