Celebrities flock to Dino World Exhibition to support Brussels Expo

Les célébrités se pressent à l’exposition Dino World pour soutenir Brussels Expo

The Belgian radio and television stars wanted to give visibility to this important event for the venue.

There were beautiful people on the Hessel Plateau this Wednesday! For the first time in eleven months, many celebrities visited the Dino World Expo despite the cold. The goal: to find a small animation at the Brussels Expo, which lost around 50 million euros due to the crisis. A moment of relaxation, therefore, but with the strictest regard for hygiene rules.

Bringing Hessel back to life

So no less than ten celebrities went to Hessel yesterday. Of these, the RTBF was well represented with Joel Skoriels, duo Skodi de Seiles and Benjamin Desunić, François Happy, Sara de Paduva and Fanny Gillard. NRJ and Vivasse also had radio with Cyril and Audrey, as well as Nostagli’s Bryce DePesse and Bruno Fernandez. They all stood in front of the dinosaurs, only removing their masks at that exact moment.

Like all other visitors, they were able to take advantage of the exhibition by registering in various half-hour segments. Hence the quota provided did not reach them at the same time but throughout the afternoon. The Brussels Expo also makes it a point to make it clear to the public that the event is “Kovid safe”. An important detail since it is necessary to attract visitors is already limited in number by health regulations. If the exhibition is not managed to mobilize, it will be another setback for the site, which has suffered a lot for a year, even though there is no job loss.

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