Celebrities with a stunning sports past

Jason Statham

Tried the game before the game grew up

Jason Statham

When we look at most modern celebrities, we only think about what inspired them to stardom.

However, there are many stars we know and love from athletic backgrounds that can surprise.

Here is a list of celebrities you might not have known were once amateur players.

Famous chef Gordon Ramsay Was an aspiring footballer in his youth. He played for left Warwickshire And was seen for his childhood heroes Rangers At the age of 15 years.

Unfortunately Ramsay, Their dream game Rangers Shattered when he was suffering from severe knee injury in training.

The injury forced him out of football and he said that this huge disappointment motivated him to succeed as a boss.

Most people know the end Sean Connery For his first and sophisticated role of James Bond, but Connery A surprising game was past.

Before appearing on the big screen, Connery Trained and competed as a bodybuilder.

The Scotsman did 1953 min. Also entered the Universe competition, finishing third.

Jason Statham Known for his tough man character on screen. However, before becoming a Hollywood star, the 50-year-old wore speedos.

Statham In 1990, represented England in diving at the Commonwealth Games in Auckland. He was 11th in the 1m springboard, 11th in the 3m springboard, and 10th in the 10m section.

Hollywood idol George Clooney Was once a promising baseball player. Oscar winning actor also tried Cincinnati Red In 1977.

However, the test did not take place, as he was unable to hit a curve ball.

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Luckily Clooney, His acting career was a bit more successful.

Dwayne Johnson Known as the hardest-working man of all time… before he made his way to the big screen and before the start of WWE, however, Johnson Was an upcoming NFL star.

In the early 1990s, he played defensive lineman for the college team Miami stormWon 1991 national title.

He was excluded storm However, when Pro Football Hall of Famer Warren sap Joined the team.

Johnson this SappHis arrival, along with many injuries that hurt him during his time in Miami, was the reason he never made it to the NFL.

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