Chabadada: Kate Middleton and William prepare for a romantic pilgrimage to Scotland

Chabadada: Kate Middleton and William prepare for a romantic pilgrimage to Scotland

William and Kate Middleton announced on this Thursday, 20 May, that they would return to their meeting place in St-Andrews during an official week-long trip to Scotland on the week of 24 May. An opportunity for the couple to celebrate their union.

It was from here that it started for those who were still only students at St Andrews University, Scotland, almost twenty years ago. Announced by Kensington Palace on Thursday 20 May, Prince William is leaving for a week-long trip to Scotland on Friday, 21 May. His wife Kate will not be joining him from Monday 24 May. William is making this journey in his capacity as Lord High Commissioner of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, the Queen’s representative to the institution.

But this very official visit will be an occasion to celebrate their love, returning to Saint-Andrews University, twenty years later, at the place of their meeting. In his old university, he has to talk to the students about it Difficulties encountered in last one year, And tackle together Importance of friendship And mutual support in this difficult time. Cambridge has made mental health one of its personal struggles.

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“The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are eager to spend time in Scotland, and are conversing with a wide cross section of people about topics close to their hearts, and paying tribute to the individuals who serve their communities. Have gone the extra mile in the past year to support “, Kensigton Palace explains. Because this trip will also provide an opportunity to showcase the princely states. Their support for the nursing staff, And to all those who. Were In the first row, Such as volunteers or military.

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© Ellen Roland / BESTIMAGEPrince William and Kate Middleton, at St Andrews University in Scotland, February 25, 2011

Among the events they will participate in Sand sailing race With carers in the area of ​​Murali. Big fan of football will see prince william Scottish Cup Final, A very popular event, with Emergency service member, in one Open air bar. The couple will also have the opportunity to meet on a romantic date, seeing Emma Stone’s performance in the latest Disney Studios film, Cruella, In Drive-in cinema screening, In the royal residence of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh. They will not be alone at all since the session is held In honor of employees of the NHS system (Public Health System) in Scotland, of which William and Kate sponsor and sponsor through the NHS Charities Together Foundation.

Prince William will also have the opportunity to talk with a charity associated with the Church of Scotland, about this Epidemic effect On it, and the way they could act “Regardless of physical distance.“The journey is thus placed under the sign Charities and other organizations Who works in the field of “Environment, Mental Health, Homeless People Issues and Addictions.“A trip was planned just after William’s vaccination, which begins again, like the rest of the people Royal family To appear in public.

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