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Chantal Lamarre 36. will host the opening gala ofthis is Gemini Awards Presented on Saturday, September 18th at 8PM Here and webcast.

What is your first memory as a television viewer?

in helenahandjob [Hélène Baillargeon] Lively, interesting and just talks to me. My memory is hazy. The one who would adopt all these norms and drive me crazy for him is Green Mouse. I can still hum some of his songs. This sweet and mischievous universe is a memory that still lives on in my memory.

Who is your first weak TV lover?

all princes of fanfreleuche, especially those played by Hubert Gagnon. The pinnacle of attraction is Tommy Scottish, the dog embodied by François Tasi [dans Grujot et Délicat].

Tommy the Scottish played by François Tassey in 1970. Photo: Radio-Canada / LE COZ, Andre

Of course I found Pierre Lalonde and Donald Lautrec irresistible as I got older. I am proud to have had the opportunity to tell them.

What shows did you like to watch as a family when your kids were little?

we liked it fifi brindasier, the same episodes I watched as a kid. What a great series, what a great character! Too bad the French translation is so bad. Along with our kids, we also liked the series heel heel heel (we went to the set), and later, the show the moment of truth, Hosted by Patrice L’Ecuyer, who chilled us out. we broke the box Pumpkin Pop. How good was it!

On one stage, Denis Chartier, André Cartier, Ghislain Tremblay and Michel Deslauriers are grouped together in front of a standing microphone to interpret the ending of a song.
Chantal Lamare says she’s wearing Pumpkin Pop Boxes with her kids. Photo: Radio-Canada / LE COZ, André

Which show has changed something in your life?

call me lis. His spontaneity, his playfulness, his joy of interacting with his guests. There was no one better than Lise Payette. He has lost his curiosity in talk shows these days. He made everyone interesting.

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Which TV character would you like to be (not in acting, but in real life)?

the barono [dans le téléroman Avec le temps (de 1975 à 1977)]! A freak in a community center for young people. He was played by the incomparable Jean-Pierre Bergeron. I wanted to be Le Baron.

Jean-Pierre Bergeron;  Mark Messier;  Louise Matteau.
Chantal Lamare wanted to be Le Baron in the soap opera Avec Le Temps (1977), played by Jean-Pierre Bergeron. Photo: Radio-Canada / LE COZ, André

What program credits would you use as cell phone ringtones?

sees like bobino. It still makes me cry.

Is there a show that’s a guilty pleasure for you?

almost perfect dinner. The people, their menu, their flair, their cuisine… it never goes flat!

Clemens Desrochers talks on the phone.
“The Finds of Clemens” in 1976. Photo: Radio-Canada / Radio-Canada / Jean-Pierre Carcenti

Which show would you like to host?

clemen’s quest. Meeting the artisans, doing clemence, doing morning shows would have been my greatest pleasure.

Which series or soap opera have you watched multiple times?

black order. It gets better with each listen. François Letourneau’s series are in a class of their own.

Two men are looking at the camera.
Characters of Denis and Patrick (François Letourneau and Vincent-Guillaume Otis) from the show black order. Photo: Radio-Canada / Productions Casablanca

Which show makes you cry every time?

can you hear me I cry and laugh too. What a success!

Which show would you all like to see?

secret life of song. We learn, it calms the mind and the host is great.

[Émission française en ligne sur TV5 UNIS]

Which show that is no longer on air do you regret?

francophonism! A competition with scholars about the language. A few shows I found on YouTube rekindled the joy this show had given me.

Which TV star are you a fan of?

Mark Labrecht. It doesn’t get boring when he’s there. Marie-Louise Arsenault has a similar effect on me.

What do you watch as sports on TV?

When we do the playoffs and the Super Bowl, I watch events like tennis, the Olympics and hockey. A little disconcerting, I have to admit.

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