Chariots of Fire, 40 years of beach racing, but not only…

Chariots of Fire, 40 years of beach racing, but not only…

The film “Chariots of Fire” hit theaters 40 years ago on 30 March 1981. If everyone knows the first 5 minutes of this feature film and recognizes Vangelis’ notes, what do you need to know about the rest of this 4 Oscar story, including the best film! The

We can close our eyes and remember these young people in our hearts… with wings full of hope!

The youth who is wearing all white clothes (in the middle Jack has embroidered on his T-shirt) on a beach. The run is filmed in slow motion with this music on the piano that enhances their gestures, underscoring their beauty in the effort, their joy of playing in the open air and their desire to physically overcome themselves Supports. This scene opens “chariots of Fire” From Hugh hudsonOne of the classics among the classics of British cinema. A scene and a music Scripture) Which we all know by heart, that we all have at least, seen / heard even without watching this film completely. A cult scene of the 7th art copied, mocked, pasted multiple times (hereby) Mister Bean For the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics). But “Chariots of Fire” explains many other things and we are away from the Borley brothers’ training session in Saint-Idesbal!

The story of these “chariots” appears on the rivalry of the game and then the friendship of the two British athletes. First of all, Harold Abraham, Is English and Yiddish. During his schooling, he suffered from anti-Semitic remarks made against him. He rushes to go beyond prejudices and fight better. Second, Eric Liddell Surname is Flying scotsman. His specialty? 100 meters. He gets ahead of everyone. An ultra-practicing Christian, one who refuses to walk on Sundays, he runs for the Glory of God. Together, despite their differences, united within the same team, they participated in the 1924 Olympic Games in Paris, with one goal: to win!

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“Chariots of Fire”, a true story-based film … © 20th Century Fox

If this story begins in London in 1978 with this commemoration of remembrance (hence this line quoted at the beginning of the article), a long flashback takes us back, in the 1920s, to Broadstairs’ English beach in the east. When in fact the scene was filmed at West Sands St Andrews, 800 km in Scotland, for economic reasons). A beach where the two men came to know about each other. “Chariots of Fire” is inspired by the true story of these two players. Okay, although the film allows for some shortcuts and other small arrangements with history in itself, it remains faithful to the events and the faith of our runners. The first thing to do is to highlight the humanist values ​​of Harold and Eric. Then there is still very lively British patriotism in this biographical drama. Why? In the late 1970s, British cinema faced competition from New Hollywood on the other side of the Atlantic. This new American film genre has revealed like young directors Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, Michael cimino See Jorge Romero (And his corpse). They sign very personal, non-reformist, virile deeds. He films life, the real one, he lives at the corner of the street. For the British, it is therefore time to restore the image of their cinema and once again to offer quality films, films that will make an impression. The next generation is ready with the brightest Alan parker ()“Midnight Express”), Brothers Tony And Ridley scott (Saga “alien”) And “Rath” director Hugh Hudson) who would later sign with a new version of Tarzan’s adventures “Gristok” !

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Rowan Atkinson aka Mr. Bean and his vision of “Chariots of Fire” for the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics! © All Rights Reserved

Remind us that at this time, there was a completely new Prime Minister … Prime Minister long ago. His name ? Margaret Thatcher ! The one who will become Iron lady The state wants to revive, both economically and socially speaking (the continuation of this policy, you know it, amidst widespread capitalism, strikes, and non-reform of health care). So what better than a movie about crossing yourself, physical feats and two sprinters to uncover the image and all of it! The Yes, but now, while the film celebrates this united state, it erases the ethnic and religious conflicts of the time.

Meanwhile, the end result (from directing to editing, including the likes of Outstanding Actor, Beginner or Shakespeare Ben cross And Ian Charlson) Is quite classic but very effective. The film passes the time as Abraham and Liddell run the 100 meters, easily! The music of Greek composer Vangelis Papathanassiou has a lot to do with it. Music for which he would receive an Oscar for Best Composition. And even if it means talking about this award ceremony, the film would leave Hollywood Boulevard with 3 other statuettes, including the best film.

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“Chariots of Fire”, a film about sports rivalry with a strong anti-racist message … © 20th Century Fox

“Chariots of Fire” (title inspired by the poem “Jerusalem” From former romantic London writer William blake, “Bring me my shining golden bow … Bring me the arrow of my will … Bring me your spear! O clouds, tear yourself away … Bring me my chariot of fire …”) Therefore remains an important film in the history of the United Kingdom, but it also gives a strong anti-racist message in the history of cinema, which it tells! A film, which will appear in 2017 with a sequel or almost, “Wings of victory” Which in particular returns to the second part of Eric Liddell’s life, leaving his sporting career to become a missionary in China. But this is another (true) story…


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