Chase fans’ brand rival ‘worst player’ after awkward cash-builder failure

Chase fans' brand rival 'worst player' after awkward cash-builder failure

During Sunday’s episode of ITV, the Chase viewer went to Melttown on Twitter, showing that one of the “worst players ever” got 0 0 in his cash-builder round.

It got better as the first phase of the neurotransmitter Allen began, and the contestant did not answer any questions asked by host Bradley Walsh.

As a result, weak Allen wasn’t playing for money when chase went against Shawn v. Les.

Viewers denounced his performance, with a saying: “It was probably the worst cash build-up game in the world # from there it never came before”.

While another wrote: “For the first time I’ve ever seen someone ask a cash builder the same question.”

Poor Lan Lan got 0d in his cash-builder round

“One of the worst players ever? # The Face”, ranked third.

The fourth added: “Someone’s got a 0 # cycle for a long time.”

Unfortunately Allen could not make it to the final round against A Shawn.

Lorna and Tim were taken to the final chase, and a બંને 8,000 win was expected between the two.

They managed to take a 15-step lead ahead of Chaser, but Shawn was very good and saved him only 10 seconds.

He caught them despite having six chances to push the team back, as they only had one run.

Chase viewers were recently upset after comedian Joel Domate lost in the ITV show’s biggest single prize pot ever.

He was the only player to chase the final of the celebrity version of the show, and he played 150,000 for charity.

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However, he failed to beat Chase Jenny’s ‘The Vixen’ Ryan after making only 11 tiles in the final retreat.

Chase airs on ITV on weekdays at 5 p.m.


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