Chase viewers in Meltdown on the player line-up as they show a coincidence of names

Chase viewers in Meltdown on the player line-up as they show a coincidence of names

Chase fans went into a meltdown on social media during Monday’s episode as a player named Winston and a player named Churchill sat next to each other.

It was even more enjoyable due to the fact that Winston was first in line, while Churchill was sitting next to him, so his name on the desk in front of him reads “Winston Churchill”.

One said: “Seriously? The two contestants on #Faces called Winston and Churchill and they’re sitting together?”

When another wrote: “How it doesn’t break when Brad Winston and then Churchill will be addressed.”

Another added: “Amazing! Winston Churchill on the Chase”.

Winston and Churchill sat next to each other on the ITV show

“Very clever how they sit Winston next to Churchill”, wrote the third.

Viewers also noticed that one of the players was called Teresa, and the woman next to her was called June.

They thought it was fun because it was a month after becoming “Teresa May”, although Teresa gave former Prime Minister Theresa May a different spell.

One wrote: “I see what you did there, Chase. Winston, Churchill, Teresa. They couldn’t find anyone with the surname” May, Nah, June. “

Host Bradley returned four new contestants with the hope of winning cash prizes

Another comment: “The production team at Chase today had a bit of fun with Winston Churchill Teresa (not May) June, fair play.”

“Cash Builder’s first question about Winston Churchill, Teresa June and Boris Johnson,” commented another Chase fan.

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The team of four did very well in the ITV show, and three players advanced to the final round against Chaser Jenny Ryan.

The team lost to Jenny Ryan, with only four seconds left

He was a quizzing expert against whom he managed to take an 18-step lead, and was hoping to win his ફ 12,000 prize fund.

It was a very close final round, and despite their best efforts, the team lost, as Vixen was able to beat them in just four seconds.

Chase airs on ITV on weekdays at 5 p.m.


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