Christian Carrion internationally with his film “My Son”


We at Crooner & Friends welcome director Christian Carrion to the release of his film “My Son”.

Christian Carrion recounts the incredible international thrill of his film “My Son”, which hits screens on November 3, and brings together Scottish comedian James McAvoy with English actress Claire Foy, who is now all over the world for the amazing performance of Queen Elizabeth are known. Series “The Crown”.

The adventure begins in 2016. After an already solid filmography (“A Swallow Makes Spring” by Michel Seirault and Mathilde Signor, “Merry Christmas” with Guillaume Canet and Diane Kruger…), Christian Carrion and screenwriter Laure Irmann on “My Boy” signed. “A film telling the story of an absent father who goes in search of his young son, who was recently kidnapped at a winter vacation camp.

“Hunting” through the mountain will be animalistic and captivating, especially since director Christian Carrion calls on the actors to adopt a revolutionary filming technique that puts them in a danger position in a setting suited to improvisation. Although worked long ago.

The film’s first success would prompt Christian Carrion to sign an English-language remake of his film, with international actors, who had filmed in Scotland in the spectacular landscape of the “Highlands”, to play the game. Filmmaker, as did Guillaume Canet in 2016.

In the lounge of the Bristol Hotel in Paris you’ll find Christian Carrion and screenwriter Laure Irmann sharing their passion and their experience of cinema at 8.15 a.m. and 6.15 p.m. throughout this week. Re-listenable in podcasts after broadcast on Krooner Radio.

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