Christopher Eccleston Doctor Who will return when ‘Hell will freeze’

Christopher Eccleston Doctor Who will return when 'Hell will freeze'

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Christopher Ecclestone joked that when ‘hell freezes’ he would only re-enact his role in Doctor Who’s TV series.

Christopher, who played Time Lord 15 years ago, is currently recording an audio version of the Doctor Who title: Ninth Doctor Adventures

However, during a show on Lauren on Tuesday, the host couldn’t help but give the 56-year-old a quiz on whether he could ever return to the series.

‘I’m going to be on the second day of recording the ninth Doctor’s Audio Dio Adventures for a company called Big Finish, and it’s written by an excellent author named Nicholas Briggs – who is also the voice of the deluxe,’ the host said.

To which Lorraine asked: ‘You can do anything with Doctor Hu. He always revives, he never goes back.

Queried Doctor Who to Lauren Christopher (Photo: ITV)

‘I don’t want to say fall because he looks bad but he’s never gone back, but can he do that?’

‘You can go back to you, you can pop up’, he added.

Christophe replied, ‘Well, at the moment I’m doing this in audio dio format.’

‘I know what you’re getting, Lauren, but … that’s when hell freezes.’

Christopher first played a doctor in 2005 (Photo: BBC)

Yesterday, the actor He has shared a picture from the audio drama holding a new script and confirming that he is coming inside Tardis once again.

The script is for the first volume of Ninth Doctor Adventures, with the title Ravengers.

After getting such a strong following by fans from his time on the show, many people are happy to see him back in character.

Christophe previously said of returning as a doctor: ‘It would be thrilling to re-visit the world of the ninth doctor, bringing back to life the character I love to play.’

Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Adventures series will be released on four sets which will be available for CD and vinyl, as well as digital download.

Lauren airs on ITV on weekdays at 9 p.m.

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