Cindy Lauper is getting her own documentary

Cyndi Lauper honoré d'un prix pour son aide la communauté LGBTQ

Here’s the weekend playlist, featuring the editorial staff of rolling stone france Looks back on your favorites and searches of the week!

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Groove Touch – Breathe

It is the opening track Breathe from Touch of Groove’s new album out May 6. It draws heavily from ’60s soul and blues, as can be heard in this track.

Puppy – My Proposal

On May 6, Puppy’s second album, Pure Evil, was released. Find My Offer is there, which the group assures “can’t wait to play live”. Enjoy this title and its big cracks!

la jerry – precious time

On 6 May, Superpoke was released, La Jerry’s new album, composed exclusively by brothers Benoit (vocals) and David Purteau (guitar). Discover single precious time.

son of the dragon – wait for me

On 6 May, Sons of the Dragon released their debut album, which contained many influences in terms of genres and eras, as indicated by the single Wait for Me.

Staples Junior Singers – When Do We Get Paid

Re-release of the Staples Jr. Singers solo album, originally released in 1975. Here’s the very catchy title When Do We Get Paid.

Nova Twins – Puzzles

Introducing Puzzle, the brand new music video for the Nova Twins, who are currently on tour with Yungblood. This title will appear in the album supernovaAnnounced on 17 June.

Soho Riot – Found out

It’s worth knowing from the French rock band Soho Riot. Find him in Square One, his new album, is already available.

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Bobby Lees – Dig Your Hips

Here is Dig Your Hips, the new single from The Bobby Lees, an American group that is preparing to release an EP on June 17th, titled Hollywood Junkyard. Find them on June 23 at La Marroquinerie.

cook – close

Introducing Closer, the new single from British pop rock band The Cooks! Find her in 10 Tracks to Echo in the Dark, set for July 22.

Dead Sexy – A Kiss

Between vampirism and witchcraft, clips from electro punk group Dead Sexy reveal a festive and mystical fantasy while uncovering the codes of fantastic cinema.

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