Climate activists demand momentum: Neubauer: “It can’t go on like this”

Climate activists demand momentum: Neubauer:

Climate activists demand speed
Neubauer: “It Can’t Go On Like This”

Climate activists protest in Glasgow ahead of the World Climate Summit. Louisa Neubauer is also calling for more momentum in climate protection. The trend should be reversed in convention. The Greens, on the other hand, anticipate impulses for coalition talks.

German climate activist Louisa Neubauer first World Climate Summit in Glasgow The fight against the impending climate disaster requires significantly more momentum and ambition. No prosperous industrialized nation, including Germany, is currently meeting its commitments to climate protection, he told the German Press Agency in Berlin. “They all intentionally rob the global South and younger generations of their possibilities. Where are the governments that are ending this fraud?” The 25-year-old asked the environmental movement Friday for the Future.

Six years have passed since the historic Paris Climate Protection Agreement in 2015 – and emissions of climate-damaging greenhouse gases are now higher than ever, she denounced. “It can’t go on like this. This conference should be the moment when this trend is reversed.”

It was first protested by climate protection activists in Glasgow: members of the Ocean Rebellion lay “dead sea men” under fishing nets near the Clyde River to draw attention to the dangers of marine life such as dolphins, sharks and whales. He was lying half naked. In addition, thousands of workers going to Glasgow, including Germany, must come. A Spanish group took the ferry to Portsmouth in the south of England and from there hiked through Great Britain for 30 days.

“More ambitious climate protection measures needed”

Meanwhile, the Greens, of which Neubauer is also a member, anticipate impulses from the World Climate Conference in Glasgow for coalition talks in Berlin. “The COP could turn coalition talks upside down,” green climate expert Lisa Badam told newspapers in the editorial network Germany. “In Germany too, more ambitious climate protection measures are needed,” she said. The climate conference is getting a lot of attention, even if it is not expected to have the same success as the one in Paris. “There isn’t enough on the agenda for that,” she said.

Badum continued to demand that Germany should actively support and help shape the European Green Deal. “The EU certainly will not be able to advertise climate neutrality around the world by promoting nuclear and gas energy,” she warned. “In future coalitions, foreign climate policy will be of great importance, which has been lacking in recent years.” It is always necessary to move forward with other aspiring countries.

Green climate expert Oliver Crischer also called for “quick action and appropriate measures for greater climate protection”. The success of the World Climate Conference in Glasgow depends on the extent to which new, more ambitious and credible climate commitments can be achieved, particularly from major emitters, he told Funke Media Group newspapers. “Germany should play a role model here.” In addition, the donor community should provide more funding for climate finance and close the funding gap at COP26.

Early coal phase-out as “strong sign”

Crischer, who leads the coalition talks for the Greens in the Climate Working Group, warned that the time window for effective measures to limit the rise in temperature is getting shorter and shorter. Six years after the historic Paris Agreement, the world is on its way to 1.5 degrees of warming.

In a conversation about the Traffic Light Coalition, he sees a positive message in the direction of Glasgow. “With the exploratory agreement on an early exit from coal, Germany is sending a strong signal to Glasgow,” he said. A traffic light coalition will pursue a credible and effective climate policy that demonstrates how a large industrialized country can manage difficult change and also serve as a model for similar countries. “Doing instead of talking” is the key difference to the previous government.

At the invitation of the United Nations, government representatives from nearly 200 states in Scotland will spend two weeks discussing how humanity can control accelerated global warming to a tolerable level. UN Secretary-General António Guterres previously criticized the fact that in the two years since the last UN conference in Madrid, many states had not sufficiently tightened their plans for climate protection, and that coal, oil and gas The required rapid phase-out was delayed.

Man-made warming of the atmosphere is already ensuring that extreme weather increases. Examples include recent floods in Germany, droughts in the Sahel region in Africa, or devastating wildfires in California.

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