Come Away on Prime Video: What is this fairy tale crossover?

“Come Away”, an American fantasy film, lands in the Amazon Prime Video Catalog. Focus on this at first glance the catchy feature film with an original concept to say the least.

Come on : What is it about?

Come on A brother and sister, tells the story of Alice and Peter. Alice has never been to Wonderland. Peter is yet to hear from Never Land. At the moment, he lives in a peaceful existence with his parents and his elder brother, David. Unfortunately, a shadow does not take long to darken this pleasant picture. His aunt, Eleanor, is frustrated with the way the children are educated.

Worse, she organized everything for David to join a prestigious boarding school. But shortly before they leave, a terrible accident occurs and the young boy dies. Alice and Peter must come to terms with the endless grief of their parents, who, As if David’s death was not enough, drowning in debt.

Come on
Come on © Fantastic Film GmbH

Both children will leave for London in hopes of finding a solution to help their bereaved parents to grieve. But very quickly, they have to choose between staying in their home or sailing on imaginary lands. Will future heroes manage to get their parents out of the torture in which they are wandering? Will childhood innocence overcome the injustice of life? This is it Come on Invites you to discover the time Original “Crossover” Between two legendary universes.

Come on : A distinguished artist

We owe this scenario Come on Writer Marissa to Kate Goodhill. In production, Brenda Chapman, is particularly known for Prince of egypt And Rebel. The latter began his career at Walt Disney. There she acts like many studio films King lion. The animation expert attended the launch of DreamWorks before joining Pixar. She writes and directs famous Rebel, Which earned him – among others – a Golden Globe and an Oscar. For the anecdote, Brenda Chapman is The first woman to win the prestigious gold statue in this category.

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Come on
Come on © Fantastic Film GmbH

For Come on, This filmmaker was addicted to fairy tales, knew how to surround himselfA Five Star Delivery! Angelina Jolie, used for the genre by her role in Harmful, Plays here of Alice and Peter’s mother. David Oyelowo, whom you may have seen Selma or Last king of scotlandCamp, father of children. For the role of Alice, the young Kiara Chansa was chosen. Jordan A. PerishAladdin) Explains Peter. For secondary roles, we also find the legendary Michael Caine, but Gugu Mettha-Raw (Miss sloan) And Anna Chancellor (Pennyworth).

Sad dispute

In late 2020, David Oyelowo spoke Hollywood reporter about Many negative reviews were collected by the feature film before its release. Ridiculous and depressing facts: most later dropped out Skin color of young actors playing the roles of Peter and Alice.

David Oyelowo says that such an incident happened remarkably in the presence of John Boyega with the announcement Star wars. Was the same for the version of Ghost Busters Published in 2016. We don’t know if it was David Oyelowo’s position that made things happen, but Many sites have removed the ability to perform a task before its release.

So, will you follow Alice and Peter to their enchanting adventures on Amazon Prime Video?


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