Comedy and satire from Brussels – what can bureaucrats laugh at

Comedy and satire from Brussels - what can bureaucrats laugh at

Angela Merkel and Donald Trump like you’ve never seen them.

Trump: Do you celebrate Scottish heritage like me?

Merkel: My name is Angela Merkel, not Angela Mackintosh

Trump: I see.

Merkel: Do you understand anything? I doubt that …

Pulling EU politics through Coco – that’s what a new comedy in Brussels is all about. His name: The Schuman Show, the dystopian film The Truman Show, and a play on words with Robert Schuman, the founding father of the European Union.

The actors want Europe to take itself less seriously. Brussels has a reputation for being boring, but satirists have a lot to work with.

Actor Craig Winnecker believes that sometimes truth is farther than fiction. One can scoff at press statements that the Commission may issue – and then the next thing that comes up is precisely a statement that has just been processed satirically.

But do Brussels bureaucrats find this a joke?

Yes, of course, says actress Louise Larnach Day, because politicians are vain and would love to be dragged through cocoa in public.

The artist is a former EU official and journalist who cares about Europe. He believes that comedy is the best way to dispel people’s doubts about the institutions of the European Union. laughter is the best medicine.

The Schuman Show is a mix of late night entertainment and political satire. For actors, wit and depth are not only artistic stylistic tools, but also a means of defending democracy.

Actor Tristan Barber says it is very important to criticize everyone – important for democracy and important for me.

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The Schuman Show is performed once a month in front of a large European audience. But the outfit also hopes to reach people outside of Brussels’ political life.


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