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Comics adaptation

Two brothers with superpowers work together to save the world from any danger. Until the day before, the younger had enough to beat the super villain on behalf of the US government and be surrounded by his elder brother – and instead wants to take over the leadership himself.

What the comic book author Mark Miller and illustrator Frank Quitley said in their ministries “Jupiter’s Legacy” (Panini comics, two anthologies of 140 pages, each 17 €) As a bloody family drama of Shakespearean proportions. From Friday, May 7, 2021, the film version of the comic series originally published in 2013 will be on Netflix.

In 2017, the streaming provider purchased all rights to Miller’s works, which appear as a package under the “Millerworld” label. Miller is a master of reconstructing superhero mythos, as he has previously proven with many comics such as “Kick-Ass” and “Wanted”, which are also filmed in the meantime.

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In “Jupiter’s Legacy”, based on classics such as “Superman” and Greco-Roman mythology, he tells of a hero named Utopian, whose greatest strength – his obsessive altruism and his belief in goodness – is his greatest. Will prove to be a weakness.

It can also be read as a metaphor of the USA, whose ideal Miller praises the British Miller on the one hand, and whose economic and social policy he considers fatal to each other, as he described in interviews and as That they also do something. The central figures in “Jupiter’s Legacy” repeatedly say.

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Clarity in wild action sequences too

The killing of relatives is reminiscent of “Hamlet”, not two but heroic children of Utopian, who by then had devoted themselves to a futile figure instead of living a life of futility, a world of revenge. Find as opponents in the campaign.

Brother Conflict: Walter Sampson aka Brainwave and Sheldon Sampson aka Utopian “Jupiter’s Legacy” in one scene.Photo: Panini

In this course, the original variety of classic genre content can be experienced, in addition to individual plays of the main characters, for example increasingly questioning the role distribution of good and evil.

However, Miller is not following entirely new paths: many ideas are already classic superhero comics or other deconstructions such as “Watchman”, Frank Miller’s Batman comics or smaller series like “Stormwatch” and its successor “The Authority”. can be found in. Likewise mediated.

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Nevertheless, “The Legacy of Jupiter” is at least provocative to read, due to very successful visual implementations.

Cover image of the German version of the first anthology in the series.Photo: Panini Comics

Scottish draftsman Frank Quititly transforms the captivating story into innocent images that seem appropriately heroic, but at the same time well visualize the actors’ emotions. Miller introduces it so accurately in his dialogues that despite the brilliant plot, the reader gets to see real people wrestling with the challenges of being superheroes.

Quietly’s line is given a filmy and almost ambiguous attention to detail in many scenes. Nevertheless, he gives his characters too much space and does not overload the panels. The special strengths of the draftsman are the faces, which also convey the finest emotions with clearly precise set lines.

Furthermore, thanks to its clear, clean page design, the reader also does not lose track of the wildest action sequences. The finely graded color by Peter Doherty also contributes to this.


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