Connie is listed as a Republican in West Park County, WY, potentially blocked as an independent in Arizona.

Connie is listed as a Republican in West Park County, WY, potentially blocked as an independent in Arizona.

Rapper Kanye West Fighting elections as an independent as president can be blocked Arizona Because he is registered as a Republican Wyoming, According to one Report.

a Suit Claims to be violating West Arizona law. The lawsuit was filed Monday in Marikopa County Superior Court:

The Secretary of State’s form for “independent” nomination papers for the President, Vice-President and Presidential voters, submits to the party to sign the said form, among other things:

“I meet the legal requirements to be nominated as a public candidate in a general election and I am not a member of a recognized political party in the state of Arizona.”

Friday is the deadline for the West to sign at least 40,000 applications to qualify for the November poll; Millions of ballots are set to go to the printer for the November election next Tuesday.

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Arizona is a state of war where a candidate who gets 2 or 3 percent of the vote can make a decision The fate of the presidential election.

“Waiting is not an option,” said prosecutor Racine Carlton’s lawyers.

“The ‘drop-dead’ deadline for printing the ballot is near … there is a loss if it is included on the ballot in the West; Will confuse voters, including an unqualified candidate on a printed ballot, and violate the basic constitutional right to vote for qualified candidates. ”

West announced the president’s bid in July, saying he was seeking the country’s top post on the ticket, which he called a “birthday party.”

The West has since been collecting signatures to get votes in some states.

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Qualify in a handful of states, including the West Tennessee, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Oklahoma, And Utah.

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Democrats claim that Republicans are pushing the West’s candidacy in many swing states so that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden can get away with black votes.

West, who at one time supported the Republicans President Trump, Announced last month that they have broken up with Trump and will launch their own presidential bid.


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