Cookbooks from far away countries satisfy the craving

Cookbooks from far away countries satisfy the craving
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If you can’t travel, at least cook. These books show you the dream of distant lands and are ideal as a Christmas occasion.

This year I realized how little I really know about the world. Because quite strange, the fact that you were not allowed to travel developed an irrepressible desire to travel to me. It can be described as cognitive dissonance or usually as human, as this is usually the case that one may not find particularly desirable.

Because the desire to travel cannot really be left out these days, we will just pretend: we cook dishes from far off countries and wait for everything that will be possible again in the near future. A Cookbook Journey in Six Steps.

1. Scotland

This book is currently on my bedside table – the cookbook is also perfect like bed reading! Just looking at the cover of «Wild and Cozy» awakens a deep craving for comfortable hours in the crooked hut and lets you dream thick of winter days in the wild and romantic nature of Scotland.

Imagine sitting in front of a chimney with a warm toddy (hot whiskey with lemon and honey) and wrapping some cheddar cheese in shortdread or Old English butterscotch, wrapped in a plaid wool blanket and all the coronmist simply forgets.

For the book “Wild and Cozy – Warming Recipes for Cold Days”, co-author and photographer Julia Kavale traveled to Scotland with her husband in search of beautiful scenery and good food. He apparently found both. The recipes were developed by author, food stylist and blogger Saskia van Delen, Vera Shaper was responsible for the graphics.

2. Italy

With similar credibility, Bahnofrostes of Zurich transforms into a magnificent sea at Christmas time with a brilliant shining sky, Claudio del Principe brings us a beautiful cookbook at regular intervals. His latest work is called «all’orto».

Vegetable garden Dale Principe states that it is a botanical garden and a sacred place for Italians. The book was created during the Corona epidemic, so the author and food blogger had to deviate a bit from its original concept and improvement – after all, not only did it fall through their planned research journey, but also a delivery hitch for their Italian vegetables was.

Dale Prince wrote, “The whole thing also had its own good points, because:” I finally had people who wanted me: at home on the stove. “With his new vegetarian cookbook, Basel’s Best Writer inspires us to get creative with this home stove – sometimes with vegetables that are still little known to us, such as Cardi, Cim de Rapa or Catalana. The book is also very entertaining because it is rich in many fun and informative texts.

For the cookbook:

For vegetable garden

Claudio del Principle: all’orto. Grandpa’s vegetable authentically Italian. Fresh Contemporary. AT-Verlag, Fr.41.90.

3. Mediterranean

Daniela Chameli also has Italian roots. Your recently published, well done work is not a Take Out Italian cookbook, but it can be called the Mediterranean in the broadest sense.

Camley operates a catering company that is more or less currently due to the epidemic. During the lockdown last spring, the cook earned the virtue of essential work and prepared lunch every day for office workers in the home office – food served through the window of his ground floor apartment in the district of Zurich . 7. Follow the “take out” recipes.

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Whether Sicilian Orange Salad, Veal Chop Ala Milani or Oriental Beef Balls: All 70 recipes are very easy to cook and do not seem bananas yet. Jasmine’s refreshing and cosmopolitan style is reflected in her cooking – a contemporary, graphically beautiful recipe book.

For the cookbook:

take out

Daniela Chameli, Photos and Designs Mirzam Graf, Marcus Lubbly, Andrea Munch: Take Out, Verlag Wechter Umbrauch, Fr. 48.-.

4. If

Asma Khan, a lawyer and restaurant operator known from the Netflix series «Chefs Table», came to Cambridge from Calcutta, she could not cook. However, she quickly realized that cooking food at home was the only way to make the house stranger. In his book «Asma’s Indian Kitchen. My family recipe from Darjeeling Express »She combines Muslim Bihari cuisine from her maternal grandfather’s homeland with cooking traditions from Hyderabad, where her grandfather was prime minister in the 1940s.

The book is structured according to themes such as “food for two”, “food for family” or “food with friends”. Asma Khan not only shares her rich culinary and aristocratic family heritage and childhood memories, but also teaches readers how to properly use onions, peppers and Indian spices.

For the cookbook:

Asma’s Indian Cuisine

Asma Khan: Indian dish of Asma, my family dish from Darjeeling Express. AT-Verlag, Fr.27.90

5. South of France

A few years ago we discovered a beautiful hotel near Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, for which we have been prepared many times now. Especially during the holidays, because in my opinion, Provence is especially enchanting in winter. Actually we wanted to spend New Year’s Eve again this year, but unfortunately nothing came out of it.

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With Muriel Russo’s cookbook, we bring at least the flavors of southern France into the kitchen – and a big part of that holiday feeling: Muriel Russo not only features 80 authentic southern French recipes in his atmospheric book , Which is now in its second edition. But olives depict various producers from producers to fishermen and provide information about the items.

While making a leaf through the book with its atmospheric illustrations, you can literally hear the cicadas chirping and smelling the fragrant lavender.

For the cookbook:


Muriel Russo, photographs Marie Proud: Provence. 80 long recipes from the south of France. Christian Verlag, Fr.44.90.

6. Palestine

Sami Tamimi, who together with Yotum Otolengi brings out the world’s bestseller “Jerusalem”, presents a new work with “Palestine” that takes us on a journey to her family’s culinary homeland (Tamimi in East Jerusalem Grew up and now lives in London). Along with Tara Wiggle, who also belongs to the “Otologhi family”, he has created a rich, beautiful book of 351 pages, with recipes and stories. It is also a cooking school and gives unfamiliar and new insights into a world that is otherwise primarily associated with political conflicts. The book is a real treasure and when you make a leaf through it you want to try new things.

For the cookbook:


Sami Tamimi, Tara Wigley: Palestine. Cook book. DK Verlag Dorling Kindersley, fr. 41.90.


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