Coronation spoilers: Todd and Billy show down spirals out of control

Coronation spoilers: Todd and Billy show down spirals out of control

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So there has been a big explosion in the past Years after Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce) left him and his daughter Summer Spellman (Matilda Freeman) at Weatherfield, Billy May (Daniel Brocklebank) at Coronation Street after Tnnd Grimswa (Gareth Pierce).

After stealing from his gangster’s ex, Mick, Todd, he returned to tell Eileen (Sue Cleaver) that he was in a world of trouble and that he ended up with a stressful end involving guns. But when Eileen intervenes and decides to stand up to Mick, events take another turn – but he eventually manages the orchestra so that Todd can come out in hiding.

Meanwhile, as Mary Taylor (Patti Claire) hears voices in the attic, she insists that Billy sympathize because she’s convinced Pat Fallon is harassing the house.

But when it comes to Todd who emerges from the ‘dead’, Billy is on fire to leave him on his ex and Summer to assume he’s dead. When Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) arrives at the scene, Todd immediately finds an opportunity to cause trouble – surprise, surprise!

Billy assures Paul that he loves him with all his heart – Todd’s bad news and he’s well got rid of it.

But Todd isn’t thinking of going anywhere and soon there’s a fountain in his footsteps that he will now wander alive.

Despite Aileen’s warning that many would not be happy to see her back, Todd stepped out with a fountain in her footsteps.

Billy meanwhile assures Paul that he gets cold feet about the Archdiocese status. Paul Lane is worried that he has changed his mind, as Todd is back on the scene again.

Todd Paul takes great pleasure in finishing. Billy urges Todd to stop having trouble but even when Todd admits he still has feelings for her, how will Billy react?

Could the cards for both of them be reconnected – and, if so, where would it leave Paul?

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