Coronation Street fans frightened by another horrific ‘death’ as ​​Adam Barolo was brutally attacked

Coronation Street fans frightened by another horrific 'death' as ​​Adam Barolo was brutally attacked

Fans of the coronation street were snapped as Adam Barolo became the second resident this week to be laid to rest.

At the end of this evening’s episode, Cobbles Lothario was brutally attacked – the villain GeF Metcalf died under the roof.

Adam angered his family tonight when his relationship with Carla Connor was exposed.

He was told by doctors that he would die if he drank too much, Peter Barlow was completely devastated and reached for the bottle.

After his love rat ways were revealed, Adam went to a small snack or liquor store to drink his troubles – but not before he got drunk beating Peter.

Peter scoffed at Adam Dum, and provoked his son Simon in the process because he found out what the prosecutor had done to get his father in such a situation.

Adam also ran into Sara, resulting in a slinging match on the street before she was told to “drop dead”.

Then there was Gary Windows, who was furious after Ray sexually assaulted his sister Faye while searching for the owner of the bistro.

Earlier, Ray had escaped from the rest of the runt after being caught by Gary, reluctantly handing over the keys and letting Adam drink alone.

Adam jokingly told Gary that he and Ray were in business together, threatening to call Gary before he called the police about the body in the woods.

“I had a bad day, so you’ll see it better,” Gary threatened and led Adam to say that his previous comment had turned into a promise.

As he listened to the music in the bistro, Adam proceeded to get more and more drunk.

Yet he did not know what was to come because someone came after him and tied his head …

But who attacked him?

* Coronation Street airs on ITV on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm

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