Countdown host Nick Haver has announced that he is leaving the show after 10 years Ants and Arts News

Nick Hewer has announced he is leaving Countdown after 10 years. Pic: Channel 4

Countdown host Nick Haver has announced that he will leave the hit gameshow after 10 years at the helm.

The presenter, who took it from Sky Sports journalist Jeff Stalling in 2011 before its first episode aired in 2011, said in a statement: COVID-19 The lockdown made him think about what he wanted to do in the future.

Posting on Twitter, Heuer said: “It was a pleasure to return to Countdown Studios after the second lockdown, but this latest lockdown has given me a chance to reflect on my future life and I have decided that it is time to leave. Agreement.

Haver has introduced words like Susie Dent and number star Rachel Riley since 2011

“In his 77th year of hosting a countdown British organization coming in its 10th year, I think it’s time to smell the flowers and take the dog.”

Haver said hosting the Guinness World Record-holding show has been a “privilege and pleasure” and will still be on screen “well into 2021”.

He continued: “I thank Broadcasters Channel 4, the really dedicated and incredible professional studio crew and production staff at ITV Studios who make 250 or more shows a year, my amazingly talented co-hosts Susie Dent and Rachel Riley but all Above, the eager talent of producer Damien Eddy, who never stops entertaining and who always demands our best.

“And a heartfelt thank you to our loyal spectators and of course the armies of competitors for the opportunity to lift the Richard Whitley Trophy or invaluable chalice.”

Haver ended with a message for his successor, the announcement of which is still pending: “And so, whoever takes my seat, I wish you every success and hope that I have received as much joy and reward.”

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A game show about words and numbers, Countdown first aired on Channel 4 in 1982, with Whiteley Hosting and Carol Wardam erman contributing the money.

After Whitley’s death in 2005, the presenters included Des Linam and Late des O’Connor, As well as Stilling and Haver of the Year, who has been the longest running after the original host.

During his decade he has been doing math in the show Decorating Dentination Corner and Rachel Relay.

Prior to the countdown, Haver spent 10 years as an adviser to Lord Allen Sugar on Apprentice.


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