Countries gather in Glasgow to make commitment against climate change

Countries gather in Glasgow to make commitment against climate change

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World leaders gathered at COP26 in Glasgow (Scotland) from Monday, 1 November to outline their battle plan to combat global warming.

COP26 in . On receiving US President Joe Biden and other leaders at the inauguration of Glasgow (Scotland), On Monday, November 1, Prime Minister Boris Johnson gives change in front of the cameras. But now is not the time for optimism about the climate conference’s chances of success. In opening remarks, Boris Johnson warned: “Dear leaders, we are in the same position today as James Bond. sad we’re not in a movie and our countdown is real

Despite distinguished guests such as Prince Charles, the summit also has notable absentees such as Chinese, Russian and Turkish presidents. The latter was represented by his delegation. However, three countries are among the biggest polluters targeted by Emmanuel Macron. “The key to the next 15 days is for these big emitters to ramp up their ambition“, declared the president of the republic. For some countries, more commitments are a question of survival. This is the case of Tuvalu, the Pacific archipelago of 10,000 inhabitants, which will completely disappear in 30 years if the warming climate accelerates. Water.

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